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How to become a GOAL DIGGER: The secrets behind Goal Setting with Adam Jelic

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Adam Jelic, the Founder of Mi Goals, Australia’s most empowering stationery brand joins Enterprise Radio. They design and create Planners, Journals and notebooks made to help you live with more intent towards your goals.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Adam Jelic discuss the following:

  1. How did MiGOALS develop from an idea to where it is now? Where were the key moments and lessons in the journey?
  2. Take us through the MiGOALS Goal setting process & how do you want people to mentally grow throughout that process?
  3. What are the benefits of Journaling? Why are goals MORE achievable when someone writes them down as opposed to thinking about them, saying them or anything like that.
  4. How can businesses, big and small, benefit from a culture of Goal setting?
  5. What are your business Goals? Where do you want to see MiGoals in the years to come?

MiGOALS creates structured and beautifully designed journals, notebooks and planners to help you unlock your potential and live a life of purpose. Each product is methodically designed to help you set goals, track your progress and keep you motivated every day. More than a stationery brand, MiGOALS is a global community of dream chasers and action takers.

Adam Jelic is the Founder of Mi Goals, Australia’s leading empowering stationery brand. He’s an overly enthusiastic movie quoter, a weekly golf swinger and the brains behind MiGOALS, all in one package.

In 2010, Adam Jelic had an idea for a business which started off as just a passion project for himself. At a workshop in a previous job, Adam was told to write down his goals on pieces of paper and use them as his inspiration. Frustrated with the idea that something so meaningful was written on something so disposable, he sought out for a journal where he could write down his ambitious goals and refer back to it on a daily basis.

With nothing in the market that suited what he was looking for, he designed a Goal Setting Journal for himself and convinced his long time friend (and now business partner), Alec Kach to help him design it. To his surprise, within the first year of producing the first Journal they sold 800 units.

In 2015, they made the leap from a part-time side hustle into a full time business where now Mi Goals products are stocked in over 200 stores internationally. Since starting, they have sold over 500,000 units.

He believes that there is absolutely no substitute for hard work paired with a passion for helping the people around him, led him to wanting to create something amazing that could change the world. He spent years researching and understanding the goal-setting process to create a winning formula that everybody can use in their lives.

He CREATES the products that inspires the Goal Digger in all of us.


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