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How this entrepreneur is making parents lives easier and children’s lunches healthier

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Carine Rosalia, Founder of Lunch Squares, which created This & That Lunch Kit, a complete set of accessories to help make parents’ lives easier, children’s lunches healthier joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Carine Rosalia discuss the following:

  1. You launched This & That Lunch Kit on Kickstarter on March 21 with the slogan “Conquer the lunch box!”. How exactly do you do that?
  2. So is This & That Lunch Kit  like a Blue Apron meal plan for kids or is it more of a lunch box?
  3. Tell us about the story beyond This & That Lunch Kit.
  4. With a full-time career, raising a child and a child on the way, how do you find the drive to run your company?
  5. What’s next for Lunch Squares and This & That Lunch Kit?

Like every parent, Carine Rosalia knows the importance of feeding kids healthy, balanced, not just for their overall growth but to ensure that they have enough to sustain them through the day to focus in school. But finding ideas for what to pack in the lunch every day and actually finding the time to make can be a real challenge. And then there is no guarantee that children will actually to want to eat their lunch.

Enter This & That Lunch Kit, all the accessories that parents need to involve kids in the lunch making preparation and make easy, healthy and fun lunches in advance for the week to avoid the hassle in the morning. Carine started the concept of a lunch box kit to help make parents lives easier and children’s lunches healthier when shewas transitioning from maternity leave back to her career as an attorney in private international law. She drew from her childhood in France and brought in the expertise of a French nutritionist to come up with perfectly balanced meals with proportions just right for kids. She also designed an easy system and fun accessories to make everyday chores, like preparing the lunch box, into a bonding activity with her daughter.

Carine is launching This & That Lunch Kit on Kickstarter this month before putting her product for retail. She also maintains a blog full of kid-friendly recipes and DIY ideas based on the fruit of the season. Carine explains more about her concept for a healthy lunch box and the story or her beginnings in this interview. You can also check fun kids activities at Tiny Tribes for further ideas.


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