How small business owners should develop and edit their financial plan based on their risk tolerance

GlenD. Smith,Managing Partner forGlenD. Smith & Associates andCFP® professional forRaymondJamesin Flower Mound, TX joins Enterprise Radio. Glen has worked in the financial services industry since 2004 and offers sound guidance to help clients strategically pursue their financial goals.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest GlenD. Smith discuss the following:

  1. What factors should a small business owner evaluate when creating a risk tolerance plan?
  2. How should a business owner adapt this plan based on the market?
  3. What financial strategies would help to reduce risk?
  4. Many small business owners keep more cash to try to protect their assets, do you believe this is a smart money move?
  5. Retirement saving is often a second thought to business owners who are focused on running their business, how could this negatively impact them?
  6. Any advice on what to do now as a small business owner to better prepare for retirement?

TIP: Find yourself a Certified Financial Planner. Unfortunately a lot of advisors out there are not really qualified, so be sure to do your research to find a financial advisor. Some people spend more time looking for a dentist or a barber than a financial advisor. Of course you want it to someone you like, but they need to be certified. I recommend conducting a background check onbrokercheck.orgto see if they have been sued or declared bankruptcy. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are a bad person if they have declared bankruptcy or have been sued by clients, but I believe you should be aware of it before you decide to work with them.

Having worked in the financial services industry since 2004, Glen offers sound guidance to help clients strategically pursue their financial goals. He is knowledgeable in comprehensive financial planning services, working closely with the families and individuals he serves to craft financial plans tailored to their individual objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon.

Glen holds himself to the highest standards of ethics and integrity when working with clients, ensuring their portfolio and personalized financial plan always reflect their best interests. He has attained the prestigious CFP® certification, one of the most respected financial planning credentials among consumers and the recognized standard of excellence in personal financial planning. As a Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM, Glen also has in-depth knowledge of the needs individuals face both before and after retirement, as well as a variety of retirement planning strategies.

Before joining Raymond James, Glen was a senior vice president and financial advisor with Merrill Lynch. He earned a bachelor’s degree in management and international business from Sonoma State University. Born in California, Glen grew up in Guayaquil, Ecuador, where his parents are career missionaries. He remains active in the Guayaquil community as well, supporting an organization that feeds malnourished children. In his spare time, he enjoys playing tennis and spending time with his family. He lives in Flower Mound with his wife, Gisella, and their children, Lucas and Nathalia.

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