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How Gorilla Gasket grew their gasket Manufacturing Business

Posted: January 7, 2021 at 8:03 am / by / comments (0)

The company Gorilla Gasket started as a small business run together by a family. The focus of their operation is the distribution and manufacturing of gaskets. Supplying sealing solutions and gaskets to a variety of industries, such as mining, power, and oil & gas industry to name but a few. Their reach stretches a lot further than this, encompassing both big and small companies. Their base is in New Mexico in the southeast of the United States. However, their services are offered worldwide. Bordering Mexico, their staff can speak in both Spanish and English.

How do small businesses normally grow?

For growth to occur, the business must have a few factors to achieve this. There must be a strategy in place to ensure that growth is an important consideration. Strategies such as releasing new products, entering different markets for the first time, and just simply gaining new customers, are all productive steps that boost the profile and confidence of the business. They must have people that are experienced and determined enough to help with the company plan of expansion. A strong, focused owner could be the lynchpin behind all this. If the business begins to grow, infrastructure and processes need to be scrutinized to check if they are up to the task. An important factor related to all the above is the amount of funding available. If capital is limited, the best people cannot be hired and the product cannot be invested properly. This can seriously hinder the progress of business growth.

What does Gorilla Gasket provide?

Gorilla Gasket is proficient in making gaskets in all shapes and sizes. Made from substances such as graphite, rubber, Teflon, or non-asbestos to name a few, they have quite a varied collection. Other items in their inventory include spiral wounds, sheet material, and o-rings. It is possible to get a custom gasket made and delivered the same day. You can call them or get a custom job quote from their webpage.

What are their strengths?

Gorilla Gasket is known for having good credentials and being proactive in business relationships with each customer. They are always available when something is needed quickly or a specific solution to a problem is needed. Their qualities include being able to cut or manufacture any size gasket to match customer’s specifications and measurements. Regardless of the type of application, pattern, shape, size, material, Gorilla Gasket company can provide the best service to customers. They are known to be very friendly and reliable people to deal with. The fact that it is a locally owned and operated company brings a lot of pride to the area because of its reputation for quality and success in the industry.

Offerings from Gorilla Gasket

Gorilla Gasket offers an endless choice of customization possibilities to the customer. If the customer wants something specific, they can provide the answers. Custom jobs are priced separately because of the attention and time given to that job. For the customer, they aim to make it as quick and stress-free as possible. The time taken to complete these jobs revolves around what exactly the customer is looking for. Again, same-day completion and shipping are often common. They have a wide range of materials to choose from which can be cut to precision based on your needs.

What’s changed over the years?

Over time, all industries change and continue to change. It’s up to the companies servicing them to keep pace with them on each aspect of the business so make sure they stay relevant and profitable. The technology of sealing solutions has also changed, yet Gorilla Gaskets has managed to remain at the forefront of this with its great reputation. Materials have changed and the range available to work with has become more expansive. Improvements in packing materials, sheet and rubber compounds, and gasket materials mean the quality is now of much higher standard. Their long time in the game ensures they know what works best for the customer.

Gorilla Gasket has begun to appear on and broaden its profile on social media. Accounts have been made on sites such as Facebook and Instagram, which as we know, a lot of people are browsing through each day. It also makes it easy for anyone to view pictures of their products or to get in touch with them easily. While they have a direct phone number and email, many people today prefer to use the social media options. This can give them direct access to customers all over the world, hopefully growing their business even more.

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