Daniel Glickman

How emaze doubles it’s user base every few months

Daniel Glickman

Daniel Glickman, CMO at emaze.com which is an online business presentation software joins Enterprise Radio to discuss how emaze has doubled it’s user base every few months.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Daniel Glickman discuss the following:

  • What is emaze and what makes it interesting?
  • You launched emaze less than a year ago and already have close to 2 million users, what were your first steps to get your product moving?
  • You are growing your user base really fast but you are also showing really impressive revenue growth. These typically come on expense of each other.¬† How do you manage the balance between the two?
  • Why are you different from the competition? How important is it to differentiate yourself?
  • How do you manage product development and marketing in your company and what is the relationship between these departments?
  • Where is your product going from here? What interesting features should we see coming from emaze?

Duration: 19:51

Daniel is CMO at emaze.com. He is known for his unique, and sometimes off-beat, marketing approach. He is currently stationed right outside of Tel Aviv, Israel where he lives with his wife and two children. Daniel blogs at CMOconfessions.com.


Website: www.emaze.com

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