How effective SEO tripled our business

By Jon Jouvenaux, co-owner of BBB Septic, Storm Shelters, Portable Toilets

Have you ever searched for something online and wondered how the new business that just joined the industry you’re searching in comes to the top of the search results? You might find that businesses who have been in the industry for decades fall well below the new guys who just came on the scene. 

How is that even possible? The answer is, search engine optimization—better known as SEO, which is the art of using higher quantity and quality content to draw more and better leads to your website through link building services. Those who are reaching the top of the search result have clearly hired an expert to help them grow their digital marketing. 

Let’s talk about how our company used SEO to nearly triple our business in a relatively short amount of time. With similar steps, you too can grow your business using practical and relatively easy to implement SEO practices. Effective SEO is not a “one and done” thing. It’s a multi-faceted, ongoing process. 

At BBB Septic, we have three distinct service components: septic systems, storm shelter installation, and porta potties. We needed something that drew new customers to each component of that business. 

Business was going well, but it could have been better. We had great word-of-mouth and return business, but that was all from customers we already had. The point was to find customers who didn’t know we were out there. That’s where drastically upping our digital marketing and, in turn, our SEO, came into play. 

We hired a team of consultants who are experts in their respective fields and who all work together to grow our business. We have professionals in website design, writing, social media, and SEO to work together to grow our business. 

Social Media

Another part of the new plan was to increase and, more importantly, improve our social media presence. We hired a marketing agency that helps us not only provide useful, SEO-rich content, but also measures our outcomes. This allows us to know what our followers are reacting to and how those reactions are converting to new business. It’s more than simply asking people “so, where did you hear about us?” 

Behind the scenes SEO 

Our SEO consultant works with our website designer and social media manager to help provide the best possible reach for our portable toilet rentals, septic services, and storm shelter services. He is also working to improve our SEO through various other practices including link building and other effective, reputable ways of increasing traffic to our website. 

New, multi-site website

That leads to the most recent component of our enhanced marketing approach: our new website. We chose to convert to using WordPress, which offers a multi-site feature. The multi-site approach allows us to have several distinct but related websites that are all connected to each other. They work together to improve SEO and our ability to inform readers who reach our website about what we do, who we are, and how we solve their problems. 

When we first started diving into the digital marketing world, we used a third-party website that curated content for us but ultimately it wasn’t enough to do what we needed. The third-party website had the same look, feel, and even similar content to other companies that offered similar services. What’s more is, the site only focused on the septic installation, maintenance, and repair side of the business. 

That meant that we were getting little to no SEO benefit for our portable toilet and storm shelter services. We did have a blog for our storm shelter business, but it wasn’t connected to our website, so the SEO benefits were not as good. 

With our new multi-site website, each site has its own URL (web address), has its own embedded blog, and they are all connected to each other. As you can see when you visit, you can visit our site that is dedicated to septic service, our site that is for portable toilets, and our site that is dedicated for storm shelters. Each site has its own home page, about page, and services pages. Even the home pages and about pages are different on each site because they highlight the related services. 

Now, when you look at all of this, you might be thinking that it’s impossible to measure if all these efforts are actually doing anything. 

That’s one of the biggest myths when it comes to SEO. 

If you have someone who understands SEO and all the right practices and analytics, you can easily see what effect it is having on your business. Not only can you see the ongoing analytics, but you can also see the proof in how your business is affected. We have tripled our business in three years, which is the timeframe of when we really started paying attention to our digital marketing. 

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