Going Into Fostering? How to Become A Foster Carer

A safeguarding system designed to provide safe, stable family homes for vulnerable people, going into fostering can be one of the most rewarding things anyone can ever do.

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Blue Sky Fostering is an Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ fostering agency that works with local authorities to recruit and train high-quality Foster Carers, matching them with the young people who come into the care system.

Key Roles of A Foster Carer

A Foster Carer is a self-employed carer who looks after young people under the age of 18, who can no longer live with their birth parents. Taking on the roles and responsibilities of parents, Foster Carers provide young people with safe, family-orientated homes.

Working with fully-trained welfare professionals, Foster Carers are given comprehensive support, training and guidance. Required to be responsible for their young person’s needs and welfare, Foster Carers provide love, understanding and care, as well as hobbies, clothing and food.

The Different Types of Foster Care

Whether you are an experienced Foster Carer or someone just interested in the idea, there are multiple different types of Fostering in Hampshire with Blue Sky Fostering, so you can find the version that suits you best. There are the options of fostering young people, teenagers or siblings.

For those seeking to work with more complex cases, TLC (therapeutically-led fostering) gives you extensive training and support to help the most traumatised young people.

There is also the option of P & C (parent and child) Fostering. Breaking the cycle of neglect, Parent and Child Fostering shows young people how to care for their own offspring.

Benefits of Fostering

Each young person who enters into the foster care system has their own unique individual experiences and journey. Coming from all different backgrounds and faiths, each young person has their own needs. The benefits of foster care can be enriching for any individual. 

Those who enter the care system, moreover, may not have been provided with a structured routine, balanced diet and a loving home. For young people whose early years may have been defined by instability, Foster Carers aim to give them that loving, stable home.

Helping young people in unquantifiable ways, fostering can be one of the most rewarding occupations.

Blue Sky Fostering

With unrivalled, 24/7 support available throughout the year, Blue Sky Fostering will be there with you for every stage of your fostering journey. Offering a fully-tailored training program, fostering with Blue Sky Fostering will also give you tax relief, as well as 14 days paid holiday (respite) per year, allowing you to do the best job possible with the time you have. Blue Sky Fostering will also organise family outings and other activities, making everyone feel as if they are a part of the Blue Sky family.

Application Process

Starting with an initial chat with an experienced Fostering Advisor, the application process at Blue Sky Fostering is as thorough can be expected.

During your application process, you will be asked to fill out an application form, complete mandatory checks and attend training workshops, before completing a portfolio of information detailing your relevant experience, skills and abilities.

Finally, an independent fostering panel – alongside a dedicated social worker – will make a recommendation to Blue Sky Fostering regarding your suitability for fostering.

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