Get A Clue – 10 Tips to an Executive IQ with Temeko Richardson

Tameka Richardson

Temeko Richardson, an entrepreneur who has founded two successful software and technology strategy companies and is now sharing her knowledge of leadership in a new book, “Get A Clue” – 10 Tips to an Executive IQ joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Temeko Richardson discuss the following:

  • In your book, you state that there is an executive in each of us, how can people tap into this power?
  • You have worked with Fortune 500 companies and founder of two successful software and technology strategy companies, what have you learned about the right and wrong steps to great leadership?
  • You give a lot of tips for entrepreneurs, what are some of the most important tips?
  • What do you say to someone who is considering to start their own business, but haven’t yet?
  • What is the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make?
  • What makes a truly great business leader?
  • What is it that you know now, that you wish you knew 20 years ago?

Duration: 13:57

“There is an executive in each of us,” says Richardson who has nearly two decades of experience working for and consulting with Fortune 500 companies.  “There are pitfalls along the way and hurdles to overcome, but by following some tried and true business practices, as well as properly navigating our new emerging business climate, aspiring leaders can tap into their full potential.  The Executive IQ is not only about knowing facts about all the contributing factors to business success but understanding when to take the initiative for corrective action to improve efficiency”.

In her upcoming book, Get A Clue, Richardson relies on her unique journey of entrepreneurship, professional development in corporate settings, and advisory capacity to C-level executives and Senior Managers to share the lessons learned and common missteps to avoid when launching a new business or climbing the corporate ladder.  The book provides keen insight to entrepreneurs, new executives, and aspiring leaders on the best practices of building a solid foundation to steer a business and a career to success.

“One of most important lessons for entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders is to create and reevaluate long term goals while encountering short-term success.  This is the time to highlight your successes, recognize faults, and devise a plan to strengthen weaknesses for long-term advancement”.

“I have also found that one of the biggest hurdles is failure, the fear of failure and dealing with disappointments,” added Richardson.  “Setbacks are guaranteed but how we recover sets apart the leaders from the followers.”

Prior to Richardson’s corporate success, she established herself as an overachiever at an early age, graduating from high school at age 16, from Temple University with a double major in Mathematics and Computer Science at age 20 and the University of Pennsylvania with a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering at 22.  Having received prestigious Presidential Awards while employed at top software companies and quickly being promoted with a niche of handling the toughest customers, Richardson stepped out over a decade ago to launch one of two successful software and technology strategy companies with international clients.  She continues to empower new legacies of entrepreneurs through visionary advising and venture capitalism.

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