Robert Burke EPN Feature - Founder and CEO of Sobo

Fractional Consulting is Shaking Up the Consulting Industry

Robert Burke - the Founder and CEO of Sobo - a tech company whose on-demand AI powered platform matches fractional consultants with with small businesses.

Robert Burke, the Founder and CEO of Sobo, a tech company whose on-demand AI powered platform matches fractional consulting & consultants with with small businesses joins Enterprise Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye & guest Robert Burke discuss the following:

  1. When you evaluate what options are available to businesses in terms of consulting, what do you see as hurdles or what’s missing?
  2. What are some of the biggest challenges facing businesses when they are trying to address how to improve their business?
  3. Why do you think more businesses, particularly small businesses don’t use fractional consulting or consulting resources more often? You would think they would tap into that more.
  4. What does the Sobo platform do differently to help business owners improve their business beyond consulting engagements?
  5. In addition, how does the Sobo platform intend to evolve and adapt as the needs and challenges of businesses change over time?

Takeaway: Thanks Eric, “My number one tip is when you are starting out, ego often gets in the way of your success. I just want folks to take it from me, as a business owner who has learned this the hard way. You will need outside consulting help to get you to where you are going faster. I wish I had of learned that lesson 15 years ago when I started my first company.

Robert Burke is the Founder & CEO ofSobo, an AI-powered fractional consultant platform built for small to mid-sized companies. Robert has over fifteen years of experience building and leading an IT and management consulting firm, having founded the precursor to Sobo in 2008. A Florida native, he currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife and two children.



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