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Food & Beverage Magazine, the leading online magazine and resource in the industry

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Michael Politz, the Founder and Publisher of Food & Beverage Magazine, the leading online magazine and resource in the industry joins Enterprise Radio. Michael has developed and branded multiple celebrity bar and nightlife concepts, and has consulted for Fortune 500 Companies such as Hallmark and Safeway Foods.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Michael Politz discuss the following:

  1. You are an accomplished Author and publisher. First, tell us about your latest book, second, tell us about your Magazine?
  2. What has it been like to grow the magazine during this digital age?
  3. Tell us about what inspired you to get into the Food & Beverage Industry? Any mentors?
  4. How does Food & Beverage magazine differentiate itself?
  5. What is your advice to others wanting to launch publications?

Michael Politz graduated with a business degree from the American University, he embraced the entrepreneurial spirit as a child along with a love for the hospitality industry. His first work experience in the food service industry was as a bus boy at a white tablecloth restaurant at the age of 14. As a teenager, Politz operated an ice cream truck business and developed it into an enterprise of frozen food distribution to a retail consumer base. Politz then moved into the floral distribution market as the founder of American Wholesale Floral, an international multi-unit chain of wholesale distributorships of fresh flowers and floral products. And for that at the age of 27, achieved Entrepreneur Magazine’s prestigious Top Forty Under 40.  Politz remains one of the youngest entrepreneurs to have received that honor. 

Politz started Food & Beverage Magazine on the east coast as the go-to resource and food and beverage industry leader. He branched out to the west coast, settling in Las Vegas as his base during the restaurants boom of Vegas.  Food & Beverage Magazine now has over 12 million monthly readers.  His new book Guide to Restaurant Success published by Wiley Publishing sold out on Amazon the first day it launched.

Politz has consulted for many Fortune 500 Companies, has placed chefs in 4-star restaurants and has established a number of high-profile casino projects. He was involved in the development of projects such as multi-million-dollar licensing deals and large Las Vegas entertainment deals. 

Politz lives in Las Vegas with Kaiulani and their blended family Shelby, Julien, Amora and Jett and continues to seek new opportunities as well as share his knowledge and expertise in the hospitality industry that he loves so much.


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