Field Service, the Pathway To Superior Customer Loyalty

Michael Israel, Head of Field Service Evangelism, at Zuper, a premier provider of Field Service Management Software joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Michael Israel discuss the following:

  1. Share your background and experience what led you to Zuper.
  2. What is Field Service?
  3. How does your company, Zuper, serve that market?
  4. How does effective and thorough field service help customers?
  5. How and why is it important to businesses that provide customer and field service?
  6. What are some of the main challenges field service organizations face today?
  7. You’ve written and talked a lot about “Completed Service Work”, please explain what that is?

Tip: For those companies engaged in customer and field service – develop and instill a “customer obsessive” and “completed service work” culture to build new and strengthen existing customer loyalty.

Michael Israel is Field Service Evangelist and member of the leadership team at Zuper. Michael has worked in customer and field service for more than 40 years. He spent 18 years in his early career managing both domestic and international field service operations, including 12 years with IBM’s Field Engineering organization.

Over the past three decades, he has held management and executive roles with major providers of CRM and Field Service software applications, including tenures with IFS, Oracle, and SAP.
His broad experience includes marketing, selling, supporting, and implementing CRM and Field Service software applications. Michael also served as a Field Service analyst for Aberdeen Group, Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), and the Service Council.


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