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Event Talk – Episode 15: Event budgets, and how to develop and maintain budgets that make sense

Event Talk - EPN
Posted: November 25, 2013 at 10:09 am / by / comments (0)

Event Talk

Al Wynant, CEO of, the exclusive sponsor of Event TALK here on EPN once again joins the show. Al is here to talk about the ins and outs of event budgets, and how to develop and maintain budgets that make sense for your event and organization.

Listen to Eric Dye & Al Wynant discuss the following:

  • As you think about having an event, what are some of the questions you should ask yourself and your team related to money?
  • Once you’ve answered those questions and you still feel comfortable moving forward, what are the next steps in the budget development process?
  • Can you go into some greater detail on a few of the expense items? Where do you see planners make mistakes in the process that can be avoided?
  • Once you are up and running how do you track the budget, communicate the results with your planning committee or team?
  • After Three months in the planning process your realize your budget is off the mark, what do you do?
  • What are your top 3 tips to keep in mind when developing a budget for your event or meeting?

Duration: 13:39

Al Wynant has 24 years of international event management experience. He has managed events from 50 to 125,000 attendees in six countries. He intimately understands the many aspects of event and meeting management.

Al Wynant

Al studied in Europe and traveled with the international educational program Up with People. He has worked as a Marketing and Public Relations Representative working concert tours in the United States, Switzerland, Belgium and the United Kingdom. He ran event management firm A6 where he was responsible for the management of a large variety of conferences and events in the Southwest and in Atlanta, High Point and New York City.

He now is CEO of, a SaaS application that lets planners manage and engage attendees, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors.

Reach Al at or via email at

On the next episode of Event Talk:

On the next show we will be speaking with Richard Dasrath, President of Center Stage AV about the latest trends in event AV, and what planners need to know to make educated AV decisions for their events and meetings.

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