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Eugene Lee, Founder of ETL Associates, Inc. – a sports agency for NFL Agents

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Eugene T. Lee – President and CEO of  ETL Associates, Inc. – an sports agency for NFL Agents joins Enterprise Radio. ETL Associates has dedicated team of elite professionals and an ever expanding client list of exceptional NFL players.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Eugene T. Lee discuss the following:

  • Tell our audience about ETL Associates, your sports agency firm. How did you get started, what does your firm do and where do you hope to take the firm over the next few years?
  • Why don’t you give our audience a few examples of some success stories of how you have represented professional football players over the years and the things that you deal with as an agent on a day to day basis, whether it’s the nfl draft, free agency and other items that players and agents go through.
  • As an entrepreneur, who started your own sports agency firm, what advice do you have for entrepreneurs or someone that’d thinking of starting their own business?
  • What has been the most memorable moment as a sports agent?
  • What’s the process like in terms of recruiting players to be represented by you and your firm? What’s the competition for player representation like?

Duration: 9:13

Eugene T. Lee, Esq. graduated from the University of Notre Dame, Summa Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Accountancy and from the University of Notre Dame Law School with a Juris Doctor degree. Upon graduation from Notre Dame Law School, Mr. Lee moved to New York City and began practicing intellectual property law at one of the premier intellectual property firms in the country, Fish and Neave.

Mr. Lee continued his practice at Brown Raysman Millstein Felder & Steiner, LLP, where he focused his practice on the drafting, revision and negotiation of various contracts and agreements in the areas of licensing, marketing and outsourcing. While working as an associate and gaining invaluable experience at these firms, Mr. Lee began to develop his own sports law practice. Focusing primarily on athletes with strong character and drawing upon the experience and knowledge he had gained from his work in the areas of intellectual property and contractual law, Mr. Lee’s sports law practice began to expand and grow at an accelerated rate.

In 2002, Mr. Lee left Brown Raysman and founded ETL Associates, Inc. With a dedicated team of elite professionals and an ever expanding client list of exceptional NFL players, Mr. Lee’s growing practice leaves him looking to the future with much excitement and anticipation. “I love to conquer obstacles. Nothing gives me a greater rush than the thrill of conquering self-made challenges. The total essence of my life lies in setting goals for myself and pushing myself beyond any preconceived limits of my own abilities in order to attain those goals.

Although my goals may vary in their nature and significance, the principles of hard work and sacrifice remain entrenched in everything I do.

In continually rising up to overcome these self-made challenges, I have forged a tenacious personal character exemplified by unwavering energy and an unbreakable strength of will. I am determined to bring greatness to every endeavor which I undertake and I relish the opportunity to dedicate myself mind, body and soul in pursuit of that ultimate goal.


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