A Gift That Will Last Forever and Ever with Janice O’Reilly

Janice O’Reilly, the author of “A Gift That Will Last Forever and Ever” joins Enterprise Radio.  Janice is also the sole owner and entrepreneur of “NamelyMe.com” a company that has created a series of personalized “first baby” books, each custom made and uniquely illustrated to showcase the diversity in our modern day families.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Janice O’Reilly discuss the following:

  • NamelyMe.com is a company that has created a series of personalized “first baby books” each custom made and uniquely illustrated to showcase the diversity in our modern day families, Janice, how did all this get started.
  • So now you’ve taken your storyline and created a unique gift for all new parents –to-be, tell us how you went from illustrating one family to offering a series of 19 different families.
  • What’s your biggest challenge being the sole entrepreneur of this growing company.
  • So tell everyone how they can order their own personalized and ILLUSTRATED first baby book.
  • Do you have a favorite “Book order” to-date that we can share with our listeners that will give them an idea of the impact your books have made?

Duration: 9:03


A unique idea that was created to celebrate the diversity within all of us.

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MICH. – If it had not been for these three words “what about me”, author Janice O’Reilly may not have ventured outside the box.  She soon discovered that the word “me” was taking her from creating a single personal keepsake for her first grandchild, into creating a series of books (now totaling 19) that are not only personalized but uniquely ILLUSTRATED to answer that very question.

Like most ideas, it started with a thought.  To Janice O’Reilly this thought was such an “a ha” moment she felt the need to capture the emotion of it within a storyline and make it into a book.  Along with friend and illustrator Laura Conrad of White Lake, Michigan they created the first book called “A Gift That Will Last Forever and Ever”.  It tells the story of this “one time gift” that only your first child can give you.  It’s heartfelt and makes you realize what a true gift it is to become a new parent.

“Once the storyline was shared and the emotion of it duplicated, there seemed to be a wonderful dilemma”, said O’Reilly. Friends and colleges wanted a book but their families were not all alike. “ I kept hearing accolades that would end with “what about me?”   Another “a ha” moment.

Create a series of books that are customized not only by name, but illustrated by ethnicity and lifestyle as well.

Expanding on the idea, you can find families for adoptions, twins and the most recent labor of love, Inter-racial families.  “My favorite personalized book order to-date came from a new grandmother living in the United Kingdom as a gift to her Caucasian daughter and African American partner living in West Virginia, who recently gave birth to her first grandchild”, said O’Reilly.  “ We offer a book for HER family!  It’s all about diversity, because that’s who we all are.”

Another word for diversity in the dictionary is “variety” and a variety of families are truly offered here.

Visit NamelyMe.com or Amazon.com to find a family ILLUSTRATED to represent YOU. Custom books are available for Asian American, African American, Caucasian, Inter-Racial, Latino (English or Spanish) LGBT and Middle Eastern families, with more to come.  Proudly Michigan made, each book sells for $29.95 plus shipping with gift certificates also available on line for the awaiting parents-to-be.

To arrange an interview, contact Janice O’Reilly at 248-560-7607 or email joreilly@NamelyMe.com.

Links: NamelyMe.com

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