ENGAGED, Outbehave your competition to create customers for life with Gregg Lederman

Gregg Lederman

Gregg Lederman, author of the new book ENGAGED, Outbehave your competition to create customers for life which has been recently selected as a 30 best business book of 2013 by Soundview Execective Book Summaries joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Gregg Lederman discuss the following:

  • Why do companies have a hard time getting their employees engaged?
  • What are the Eight Principles that every manager needs to create a workforce that “lives the company brand?”
  • How can you increase your employees’ happiness so they make your customers happier?
  • Do employee rewards work?  How should be people be incentivized?
  • What does “outbehaving” the competition mean?
  • How can one really measure or determine if their employees are truly engaged?

Duration: 15:53

Gregg Lederman is an author, speaker, and CEO whose message of “Managing the Experience” is transforming company cultures across the U.S.

Gregg has made it his personal mission to help companies engage their workforce to deliver a branded experience that engages customers and drives sales and profits. His work, along with the work of the team at his company, Brand Integrity, has helped many of today’s leading companies (such as Wegmans Food Markets, Chobani, AAA, Erickson Living, and Excellus) to create work environments where employees can become more motivated and committed to delivering the experience that makes them different—that makes them better than the competition. More than 60 percent of Brand Integrity’s clients are recognized as “best places to work.”

As a highly sought-after internationally-known professional speaker, Gregg delivers dynamic and interactive keynotes and educational programs to associations, conferences, and within corporate and university environments. Participants consistently rate Gregg among the very best of speakers.

Gregg’s previous book, Achieve Brand Integrity: Ten Truths You Must Know to Enhance Employee Performance and Increase Company Profits, was recognized by Axiom the best independently-published business book in 2008 in the categories of HR and Employee Training.

Gregg is a regular columnist for the Rochester Business Journal and an adjunct professor teaching Executive MBA students at the Simon School at the University of Rochester. He currently resides in Rochester, New York, with his wife, Karyn, and daughters, Caroline, Katie, and Lucy.


Links: www.engagedbook.com

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