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Emerging markets and the contemporary world

Posted: December 3, 2019 at 5:57 pm / by / comments (0)

The era we are living in, is the era of trade. Economical security is preferred on anything else. Availing and providing the opportunities is the biggest ability to enhance the economical conditions for any country. Countries are in a rush or race to gain power. But this power is no more the territorial one; it has now shaped itself as the war of trade i.e. economic power. It is the capability of any country, business or even individual to enhance the living standards. This power is directly proportional to strong decision making benefit alone as well as the capacity to live with freedom. However, the increase in purchasing power is significant in economic power.

What are Emerging markets?

There is a very minor difference between developing countries and an emerging market. Developing countries are having both the economy and good purchasing power, whereas, emerging markets are the different countries in process of rapid growth. Therefore, in fact, the developing countries are providing opportunities to other countries for emerging their markets. Another way to enhance the market of any specific country is the internal stability of a country. If the country is stable with respect to political matters, law and order situations, local businesses growth and least interference of ethnic minorities, it can surely be invested by first-world countries.

China is highly supporting the emerging markets. Even it has improved its economy from almost zero to second largest economy of the world. It has developed a lot but still considers itself as a developing country, may be because the limit to develop and succeed is beyond the sky.

Some of the common examples of developing markets are Brazil, Egypt, Colombia, India, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, and United Arab Emirates.

Investment to encourage

This is a general rule throughout the world that countries or organizations even individuals on higher ranking has to bear the risk to encourage the ones lower to them. If developed or developing countries will invest in underdeveloped countries it will be beneficial for both. Mostly the underdeveloped countries are enriched with crude oil, minerals, and other resources and so on. But unfortunate is the condition of their financial capital that doesn’t allow them to grow using such natural resources. For instance, if a country is wealthy in producing oil, they might not have a refinery in their own country to sell it expensively.

China, however, is interested in investing in Iraq. Considering the emerging market there, China is hopeful to gain profit and make it useful for Iraq also. It has already initiated many inroad projects in Iran while Iraq is seeking investment through OBOR too. Iraq is already China’s second biggest oil supplier.


Technology has made the world a global village. The use of technology can be seen all around the places. Countries are becoming better market places due to their enhanced ways of technologies. All the developed countries are included in the list of high-tech countries too; China, Russia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Germany, U.K. and U.S are the examples. These are the suppliers of technology to the whole world. Other countries might be self sufficient to a certain level but not efficient enough to reach the arena of above mentioned countries. The research system of these countries is far better; this is for sure, what distinguishes them from other countries.

Technology is the need of the hour. Businesses cannot boost without internet or other facilities provided by different gadgets. Owners of businesses are taking the advantage from other countries by being in their country. This is how China has grown very well. It is providing all that, a country would need.

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