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Dynamic Sister Duo Goes Beyond ‘Seizing the Day’ with

Carpe Juvenis
Posted: July 3, 2015 at 5:34 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Carpe Juvenis

Lauren and Catherine Jessen, Founders of the online lifestyle publication and youth community Carpe Juvenis joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Lauren and Catherine Jessen discuss the following:

  • By your definition, what does it mean to “seize your youth?”: what is the mission of  “carpe juvenis” and why do you aim to inspire youth today?
  • Tell us about your background and what drove you to launch a company centered around youth empowerment. Share a story about what moments or life events that drove/inspired you to launch Carpe Juvenis.
  • Congrats on the upcoming release of Youth’s Highest Honor on August 17th! Tell us more about what led you to write the book and why the experience of the Congressional Award program is something teens should aspire to.
  • As you know, there is a big focus on millennials today. Does CJ aim to empower that demographic as well, or is it more centered on high school aged youth? If the latter, why do you feel it is more important to empower the teen generation?
  • What’s in store? If you can, tell EPN about your plans for the site, the book, and the future!
  • If you could share 3 pieces of advice that have been invaluable to the success of Carpe Juvenis, as well as your personal success as Congressional winners, what would those be?

Duration: 14:12

Carpe Juvenis is an online publication and community for youth who are determined to make their dreams a reality, who are striving to be better leaders, and who are not just seizing the day, but seizing their youth. Carpe Juvenis represents the phrase: “Seize Your Youth,” and emphasizes the importance of living fully in the present while continuing to think “big picture” about the future and make decisions that will help create a healthy and well-balanced life. The Carpe Juvenis community consists of driven young adults who are ambitious in their endeavors. They are set on creating a positive impact in their communities-locally, nationally, and globally. We believe that people who are involved and take chances are remarkable. Our mission at Carpe Juvenis is to empower youth to take part in causes and activities, to encourage interpersonal and leadership development, and to inspire youth to be more of who they can and want to be.

Lauren Jessen, co-founder

Lauren Jessen holding Congresiional Award medalist bookEvery year since 7th grade, Lauren attended academic summer programs (yes, for fun!) and completed internships, and she was constantly motivated by the ambitious kids around her doing cool things. As a result of those many years of endless inspiration, Carpe Juvenis was born. When she’s not working on Carpe Juvenis or writing her and Catherine’s book (coming soon!), you can find Lauren at the movie theater or burning soufflés in the kitchen. Follow Lauren on Twitter!

Catherine Jessen, co-founder

Catherine JessenCatherine just graduated from the George Washington University where she studied Political Science and Women’s Studies. She can almost always be found searching for the best bubble tea in town (if you have any suggestions tweet her here!).



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