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Does the Character of our Leaders Matter?

Posted: July 10, 2015 at 5:46 pm / by / comments (0)

Fred Kiel

Dr. Fred Kiel, Ph.D. the author of Return on Character discusses the “character” of our leaders joins Enterprise Radio. Dr. Kiel is the co-founder and principal at KRW, a management consulting firm that helps leaders and their teams improve the character curve to improve financial performance.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guestDr. Fred Kiel discuss the following:

  • Your book Return on Character discusses the “character” of our leaders; can you describe what you mean by that? Is character simply about personality?
  • There have been all kinds of management studies over the years. What makes your research unique?
  • Most managers are taught to think just about the bottom line, often at the expense of their employees. Why is that kind of thinking harmful to the bottom line?
  • Character seems mysterious; everybody can have his or her own definition of it. How can anyone know in a meaningful sense what his or her character is?
  • For everyone listening who likes what he or she hears but might be wondering, ‘What do I do if I just don’t have good character,’ what should they do?
  • What do you suggest our listeners go out and do right now, whether they’re leaders or not?

Duration: 11:45

KRW International co-founder and principal, Fred Kiel, Ph.D., brings years of experience in leadership consulting from Fortune 500 companies and large, privately held organizations. He has advised individuals who have become CEOs of complex businesses, most with multi-billion-dollar top lines. Fred understands that business success starts in the heads and hearts of leadership—creating an enthusiastic, creative, retained talent pool. Helping CEOs gain alignment of their vision all the way to the front-line worker can create immediate bottom-line results.

Prior to focusing on business advising, Fred founded a successful private practice in Minneapolis, which became the major employer of professionals in that market. His interest in business advising eventually won out, and a bit over two decades ago, he sold his practice and co-founded KRW International.

Fred has served on the boards of several philanthropic organizations, including Augsburg College Youth and Family Institute, Graywolf Press, Walk-In Counseling Center, and the Lyra Concert. He currently serves on the board of the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center. He also served on the adjunct staff of the Center for Creative Leadership for nearly ten years and served two terms on the Board of Psychology for the state of Minnesota.


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