Debunking Six Common Dental Myths

The fear of going to the dentist is known far and wide for many. As with anything that provokes fear, there are tons of myths out there surrounding the world of dentistry. If you’re scared to have a dental procedure or teeth cleaning done, don’t fall prey to the myths.

To help overcome those fears, here’s a list of the most common myths about the dentist that have been debunked so you have a true understanding of what a dental visit is really like. 

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You Should Brush Your Teeth Immediately After You Eat

We’re going to start our myth list off with one that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. People are pushing the healthy hygiene habit of brushing your teeth after you eat. The truth is that you shouldn’t brush immediately after eating.

Rather, you should wait 30 minutes before brushing. Saliva is your body’s natural defense against acidic foods. Once you finish eating, it needs time to offset the acids that you ingested. 

If you brush too soon after eating, you remove your saliva and make it harder for it to offset the acid in your mouth which can be harmful to your teeth in the long run. And if you notice that you might have tooth decay or want to whiten your teeth, visit this Cosmetic Dentist in Chattanooga TN for the best services.

Mouthwash Is an Alternative to Brushing

The myth that mouthwash is a substitute for brushing is one created more out of convenience than logic. Using mouthwash and brushing are two very different practices. 

Brushing is utilized to remove unwanted plaque and food debris from the teeth. Mouthwash is utilized to help rinse out the mouth and freshen the breath.

If you skip out on brushing, your mouthwash won’t be able to get rid of the plaque that is stuck on your teeth, which can lead to unwanted tooth decay. It’s always important that you brush first and then utilize mouthwash as a secondary form of cleansing your mouth and freshening your breath.

It’s Okay to Skip Your Semi-Annual Cleaning

Just because your teeth are feeling good, doesn’t mean you can avoid the dentist. You need to go in at least twice a year for a deep cleaning. Your dentist uses specialized tools that will get into places that your brush simply cannot.

During these visits, your dental professional can identify if there are any unknown issues, such as a cavity. The earlier the dentist is able to identify these problems, the easier and less painful the remedy. 

If you’re dreading your semi-annual cleaning, it may be time to consider a new dentist. Look for a reputable dentist with glowing reviews, like Canyon Crest Dental, and pay special attention to what other people are saying about why they recommend this particular dentist.

Dental Procedures Are Always Painful

This is probably one of the most well-known myths in the field of dentistry. With advancements in pain prevention and medications, you should be able to undergo many dental procedures without pain. Most dental professionals will utilize local anesthesia to numb a specific area of your mouth before they do the procedure to help manage any pain.

Some practices even offer sedation dentistry which allows you to be put into an extremely relaxed state. You shouldn’t feel the pain associated with the procedure if your dentist utilizes anesthesia or sedation. Even if you are looking to get invisalign or veneer for aesthetic purposes, these procedures are not painful at all.

The days of fearing to go to the dentist are over as you can have painless procedures done with ease.

Professional Teeth Whitening Can Damage Your Teeth

This myth comes from the basis of a misunderstood truth. First of all, over the counter teeth whitening kits can, in fact, be dangerous to your oral health. Many contain acidic ingredients that can damage the natural enamel of your teeth. 

However, with that said, not all teeth whitening is bad.

Professional teeth whitening, mean a procedure performed by a dental professional, is completely safe. Dental professionals utilize whitening compounds that are not harmful to your tooth enamel. 

If you’ve considered whitening your teeth at home, it’s best to talk with your dental health professional about which brand is safe for your teeth.

Sugar Causes Cavities

We’ve all heard the myth that if you simply avoid sugar, you won’t end up with any cavities. The truth is that bacteria present in your mouth is the principal cause of tooth decay. The fact that this type of bacteria feeds on carbohydrates and sugars is what has led many people to believe that sugar causes cavities.

Cavities happen as a result of acid present in the plaque that gets stuck to your teeth. Plaque is a combination of food debris, saliva, bacteria, and acid. 

The acid present in your plaque essentially dissolves the natural enamel of the teeth and creates small holes, which are referred to in the dental health world as cavities.

Talk to Your Dentist

As you can see, the world has produced many myths about the dental health industry. But, heading to the dentist isn’t as scary as it seems. If you’re scared to have a dental procedure or teeth cleaning done, don’t fall prey to the myths. 

Instead, choose to talk to your dentist about your fears and concerns to get to the root of it all, while keeping your teeth happy and healthy.

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