Conversion Optimization – How to get Results for your Business

Many business owners are not familiar with Conversion Optimization and how it works. With the world increasingly shifting online, we sat down with Sasha Matviienko of growth360 to go over some of the best practices and examples of Conversion Rate Optimization for various websites.

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What does Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) stand for?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. As a part of Conversion Optimization efforts, we look to improve the number of Leads and Sales that websites get. This applies to both eCommerce websites, as well as regular sites.

What do you do as a part of the CRO practice?

The main objective for both types of websites tends to be generating Leads or Sales. So from this perspective, the idea is fairly simple – we need to identify issues and bottlenecks in the User Experience that are preventing consumers from converting into Leads and Sales.

We use a variety of tools to accomplish that. We need to understand what pages convert users well, what pages see a higher drop-off rate for consumers. From looking at heat maps tools to general web analytics tools, when it comes to understanding consumer behaviour everything is on the table.

For example, we identified that an overcomplicated checkout process was part of the issue for one of our clients. Once identified as a bottleneck, we’ve implemented an experiment where the checkout process was simplified down to one-click checkout. As a result, sales for multiple products spiked.

Are There Other Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies you Use?

There is one approach that we highly recommend for professional businesses, home contractors and businesses of the Home Improvement industry. As a part of this approach, we look at a number of things from being effective in how we communicate client’s reputations all the way to incentivizing consumers to contact our clients.

For example, Citadel extensively works with professional equipment like Ubiquiti and other high-end brands. Some of the consumers tend to postpone their purchases. That’s why as a part of our effort, we’ve implemented a system that offers a special offer to the website Visitors. In the case of Citadel, they are offering special terms for their clients for Ubiquiti installations and other services they offer for both commercial and residential clients. This is a truly unique approach in their market and has done wonders for their business.

How Often do You See Businesses Need the CRO Services?

All the time. In fact, oftentimes it’s not about getting more traffic, but about converting more of the existing Visitors. In fact, if your website is not optimized to Convert Visitors into Leads & Sales, there is no point of doing any further work. Because why would you drive Visitors to your website and pay money for it if you know that few of them would actually convert?

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