Conversion Optimization – Cornerstone of Internet Marketing

The Internet is a fairly new invention, and so is Internet Marketing. Not only is it new, it’s constantly evolving as new devices and capabilities are added. However, the fundamentals of Digital Marketing for local businesses and large remain the same. At the core of it – Conversion Optimization. According to Sasha Matviienko, Conversion Optimization is can make or break your success online.

We sat down with Sasha Matviienko, Director at growth360, Toronto’s Internet Marketing agency to go over the importance of Conversion Optimization for Digital Marketing for small & medium-sized businesses.

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What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion Optimization is a process of optimizing websites for, well, Conversions. It includes a set of core principles and best practices that are must-haves for most businesses. In addition, there is experimentation, which is a separate concept under Conversion Optimization or CRO.

Experimentation is a scientific approach where you offer a hypothesis on the if, then basis and design an experiment to prove it. For example, “If we add a ‘Call Now’ button, we will generate more phone calls from our website”. And then you work to prove it.

Why is Conversion Optimization so important?

CRO is important because the majority of people who find you online go to your website to convert. Many of the users who clicked on your Google Ads or Facebook Ads, people who found you in Google Search and even your neighbour who saw the that you run will still go to your website to learn more and decide if they want to give you a call or no.

From this perspective, your website and how well it’s optimized will have an impact on your ability to generate Leads & Sales online. Your neighbour may not like what he sees on your website and he won’t become your client or maybe he will. The outcome of this Visit is something you have full control over.

Examples of Conversion-Optimized Websites?

One example that is fairly simple, yet powerful in terms of the Conversion Rate is a client that we work with – Citadel Cameras. Their website is fairly simple, yet a powerful design combined with a well-thought-through Conversion aspect generates some unbelievable Conversion Rates for them. For example, looking at their Data Cabling page, you can see that the page is both descriptive, well-designed and optimized. You have an informative piece on the page, a piece that tells about the brands the company works with, plus Reviews, website chat, and even a discount offer.

Another good example of a Conversion-Optimized website is what BestLife4Pets does. The website is designed in white colours, so it’s easy to highlight all the important elements on the pages, for example, Add to Cart button or a product rating on the page.

All these elements together provide an excellent user experience for the visitors who go to the page. As a result, many of the Visitors want to do business with Citadel.

If I was to leave you with one thought, it’s this – put yourself in a position of a prospect looking for a business they can trust. What do you need to put on the page in order to actively pull the Visitors in and make them convert into Leads & Sales.

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