Community involved in the growth of Just Baked Cupcakes

Pam Turkin, Founder of Just Baked Cupcakes joins Enterprise Radio. Pam opened her first Just Baked in January, 2009 & today, the company has 12 bakeries located throughout Metro Detroit.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Pam Turkin discuss the following:

  • Tell me about Just Baked Cupcakes.
  • Can you share some of the keys to your company’s success?
  • Community is a big part of your growth. Can you tell me more about that?
  • What’s next for Just Baked?

Duration: 8:43

Before establishing Just Baked in 2009, Pam Turkin spent many years in marketing and merchandising roles for several companies.  She’s worked with major retailers such as Target and Meijer to launch licensed brands throughout the country.  Her positions required frequent traveling and during her visits to various cities on the east and west coasts, she noticed the emergence of the cupcake trend.

Intrigued by the trend, Pam began doing her homework researching cupcake bakeries, testing recipes in her kitchen every weekend for a year and enlisting her kids’ friends to taste-test the recipes. Friends and family shared her cupcakes with others and word began to spread about the fabulous cupcakes Pam created.

Pam opened her first Just Baked in January, 2009 in Livonia.  Today, the company has 12 bakeries located throughout Metro Detroit and in 2011 into an agreement with Garden Fresh Gourmet for a national franchise expansion of Just Baked cupcakes stores across the country, along with the creation of a wholesale retail program in approximate 10,000 grocery stores over the next two years.

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