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Community Development Partners, developing life-enhancing affordable communities

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Community Development Partners

Eric Paine, Chief Executive Officer of Community Development Partners (CDP), developing life-enhancing affordable development projects that adhere to strict standards of environmentally, socially and economically responsible buildings and communities joins Enterprise Radio. He will be discussing the vision of the organization and some of their newest housing developments.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Eric Paine discuss the following:

  • What is Community Development Partners and how you were founded?
  • There seems to be a real lack of affordable senior and family low income housing in the west. Is that the case and if so, how are you filling this void?
  • Please describe some of your latest housing developments?
  • Your team just held a ribbon cutting for a senior housing project called The Marquee. Why is that particular development important for the City of Phoenix and what are some features of that complex?
  • Where do you see CDP a year from now? Are there any additional projects in the works?
  • Do you have any advice for potential small business owners that want to get into the rental housing business?
  • For those potential residents that are interested in one of your projects, who can they contact for more information?

Duration: 13:19

Eric PaineMr. Paine is the CEO of Community Development Partners and focuses on corporate strategy and business development. Most recently, Mr. Paine co-founded Equity West Capital Partners, a Newport Beach real estate investment manager operating private equity funds targeting distressed assets with inherent value-add potential.

Prior, he served as an officer and corporate broker for Volant Realty Partners, a full-service institutional investment firm with over $160,000,000 under management, and founded Volant REO in 2009. A DBA of Volant Realty Partners, Volant REO specializes in managing and divesting portfolio REO assets for financial institutions.

Prior to Volant, Eric was Vice President of Pacer Communities, a private residential developer based in Irvine, California where, in his five-year tenure, he was involved in developing and liquidating residential units accounting for over $115,000,000 in revenue. He directly supervised the teams responsible for all stages of a project’s development cycle – acquisitions, capitalization, design development, entitlements, and project management. With his command of daily operations and financial acumen, Eric was the key liaison between Pacer and its financial partners — equity partner Lehman Brothers, advisor Lakeside Realty Advisors, and various senior debt providers.

Prior to Pacer, Eric was with Fieldstone Communities in Newport Beach, California. Eric earned his BA in Economics with a minor in Accounting from the University of California, Los Angeles, a certificate in Light Construction Development Management from the University of California, Irvine, and is a licensed California Real Estate Broker and General Contractor.

Community Development Partners


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