Columbia Roofing: MarkCarpenter

Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal: Operating in the states of Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho

Columbia Roofing: MarkCarpenter

Mark Carpenter, President of Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal that operates in the states of Oregon, Washington, California and Idaho joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Mark Carpenter discuss the following:

  • For starters tell us about the background of Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal, how your family is involved, goals for the future and some of your growth strategies if you would.
  • Get into if you would the importance of company culture & how it is playing a part in your company.
  • In your industry, safety must be of most importance. Touch on the safety standards to bring attention to this in every work place. I am sure there is room for improvement in every work place represented of those tuning in today.
  • What separates your company from other roofing companies in the market?
  • What are your Specialties at  Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal?

In 1996, Mark Carpenter started Columbia Construction Services, Inc. dba, Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal. The company started by doing small repairs that built into a successful business model of helping owners make financial sense out of roofing repairs and replacement.

While the average roofing company stays in business just five years or less, Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal has spent more than a decade in the rain-soaked Pacific Northwest putting roofs over the things that people care about most. So whether it’s a question you need answered, or maintenance and repair issues that need addressing, you can rely on the fact that Columbia Roofing and Sheet Metal will be around to take care of you, your home and your business.

Columbia Roofing & Sheet Metal now does work in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California with a year around staff of over 60 people. Columbia provides 24/7 leak repair service, full commercial replacement and recovers, sheet metal work and roofs, plus residential roof repairs, recovers and replacements. The company’s statement tells you how they do business, “Expert Solutions, Guaranteed Results”, it’s just how we do business.

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