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Bevel turns your smartphone into a 3D Camera

Posted: December 11, 2015 at 5:24 pm / by / comments (0)

Drew Cox

Drew Cox, the CEO and founder of Matter and Form, a company that is dedicated to creating cutting-edge and affordable products that makes the world of 3D accessible for everyone, whether one is a pro or a beginner joins Enterprise Radio.

This episode of Enterprise Radio is in association with the Technology Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Drew Cox discuss the following:

  • Tell us the history of Matter and Form. How did you get started?
  • Tell us about your new product Bevel that you are debuting at CES that has really taken off? What is the concept behind Bevel.
  • Do you download an app or how does the product work and can anyone use it or is it simply for techies?
  • You have had a lot of success with crowdfunding campaigns. What are some of the platforms you used and what do you believe contributed to that success?
  • Whom are your competitors in the marketplace and how do you see yourself as differentiating from them?
  • As an entrepreneur, can you provide advice to those who are looking to introduce a product in the marketplace. Any lessons learned?
  • Is Bevel available for purchase now or when will it be available?

Drew Cox is the CEO and founder of Matter and Form. He has been an entrepreneur since he was 18, and has been making things since he could move his hands. The many jobs that he has had over the years are what make him who he is. Professionally, he has been a programmer, artist, art director, and designer. Unprofessionally, he is an inventor, hacker, and mad scientist. His career path has led him to help build huge brands like Labatt, Budweiser, Audi, Honda, Coca Cola. His hobbies and passion have brought him to respect the names of Prusa, Sherline, Arduino, and every person who has ever contributed to open source projects.

Matter and Form


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