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Why Website Traffic Is a Must and How to Do It

Posted: July 31, 2020 at 10:07 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

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Website traffic refers to the number of visitors you receive on your websites. This has a strong relationship with your business’s success as the more traffic you gain, the more sales increase. With such importance put on having a constant flow of traffic come to your domain sites is important for the continued growth of your brand. Here are some practices to consider increasing that traffic.

Email Marketing And Newsletters

A bit of an older technique but still an effective strategy, email marketing is used by many large companies worldwide. As much as social media plays a significant role in brand awareness, you are fighting for the attention of many other companies and brands, as well as people’s own curated social feeds. Newsletters allow you to have a direct line with your customers and provides you a space to translate all the information you desire to relay unto them. Additionally, newsletters will feel less invasive by the general public. This is because they often are the result of their own choice to subscribe to them, as opposed to having to see ads you didn’t ask for in your online content.

Backlinks And Guest Posting

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a strategy that utilizes tools like google, yahoo, or bing searches. The key component of SEO is that you need high quality backlinks and guest posts, which allow you to create content in the form of articles on websites and pages that link readers to your company’s website. This helps generate traffic not only through the readers from sites that you are guest writing for but with how SEO works increasing your brand appearance. The more you post on quality sites, the higher you will be seen as a trustworthy resource by the search engines and this will translate to appearing higher up in search results. This is effective for the companies that narrow in on keywords and find themselves on top of the pages as most users will not look past the first few pages to find their answers.

Internal Links

Link building encompasses multiple strategies when referring to SEO in its goals to gain more traffic to your websites. In order to rank highly on search engine results pages, you not only have to develop a strong network of incoming links to bring in traffic but also solidify your user experience with internal links to encourage longer time spent on pages and your sites. This creates a virtual footprint for your company that signals to search engines that you are to be a reliable source, thus promoting you in search of positions, which will then attract more users to find your content and business.

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Engaging Content

Content will play a key role in how you gain and sustain traffic to your sites. At the end of the day, traffic is meaningless if users landing on your site do not find it engaging enough to buy your products, much less stay on your pages. Losing users with low retention time will negatively impact your standing on searches. Additionally, your content needs to be of high quality, interesting, and reliable in order to draw people in and encourage them to share it. The more people are sharing your content, the greater consumers become aware of your brand. If you develop a name synonymous with quality, there will be a point where people will find your brand without needing to market to them, but simply continuing to provide the quality services they then associate with you. 

Social Media

The best way to get attention and traffic is to go where everyone is. These days, the connectivity between people is unparalleled. There are a countless number of ways in which people communicate and share things. The various different social media platforms are the perfect way to bring your brand into the center of things and connect with as many people as possible. The ease of technology and implementation of capabilities provides you an opportunity to have your products or services seen by as many people as possible, and convert users from simply seeing your content to being purchasing customers.


When considering social media, it is not only about creating, posting, and sharing content. There are built-in algorithms for every platform to expand the reach of certain information. This is where hashtags shine. Similar to the purpose of keywords and search engines, hashtags allow a system to take the content of a specific purpose and promote it to those interested in a similar subject matter. This, paired with the quality of the content will be crucial in how wide your reach is with your target audience.


If you are struggling to gain the traction you need, giveaways are a great method of gaining traffic. As mentioned, the sharing of your brand is key to expansion and translates to your visitors. Giveaways incentivize the process and encourage users to not only share your content and information, but your brand can also institute rules and regulations for qualifications to pair with other strategies to increase traffic such as subscribing to newsletters or following your social media channels.


Gone are the days of using phonebooks to search and contact the people and places you need. However, directories have transformed and transitioned to more online friendly space. Directories play a role in your company’s online reliability, and you need to ensure that your business is consistent through all advertised channels. Listing your brand on industry directories will also provide you with added traffic for anyone utilizing their tools and platforms. These are more important for certain professional industries that focus on business-to-business relations as opposed to marketing to the general public. However, if your brand, company or business is involved in these more niche markets, you would be wise to utilize these resources to widen your presence, because, in certain industries, a single client can be worth millions.

High amounts of traffic coming to your website usually correlate to data signifying your success as a company. It is important to study and facilitate the practices and trends that encourage the movement of users in order to continue to grow and improve your company.

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