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Business Confessional Talk Radio: Rosella McGilsky, Founder and Owner of Dancin’ Goat Skin Products

Posted: November 27, 2012 at 10:58 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

On this episode of Business Confessional Talk Radio, host Michelle Salater interviews Rosella McGilsky, founder and owner of Dancin’ Goat skin products. Listen to the interview where Rosella shares her vision for her company, the challenges of launching an ecommerce site, and how to balance running a business and a farm at the same time!

About Rosella: Skincare expert Rosella McGilsky, founder and owner of Dancin’ Goat skin products, has been making her own goat milk soap for most of her life. As a massage and skin therapist for over 12 years, Rosella shied away from using commercial skin products, which can be harsh and full of questionable ingredients. Instead, she began to create her own products using only natural ingredients for her clients. Now her natural goat milk products are available to the public through her Dancin’ Goat brand.

Rosella is hands-on in every aspect of her product—from sprouting grain to make the goat feed more nutritious, to the daily care and milking of the goats, to making and packaging the soaps, lotions, and other products by hand. She believes the love and happiness she feels in caring for her precious goats and in handcrafting her soaps comes through in the quality of all Dancin’ Goat products.

Find out more about Dancin’ Goat and Rosella’s goat milk products at

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