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Building trust is the key to cannabis

Posted: August 22, 2019 at 8:15 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Bob Estes, Founder and CEO of Daddy Burt Hemp Co. that makes wellness products from Kentucky-grown hemp joins Enterprise Radio. Bob discusses how to build a brand identity that consumers can believe in.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Bob Estes discuss the following:

  1. Why is building trust with customers so important, particularly in the cannabis industry?
  2. How have you consciously developed your Daddy Burt brand to build trust?
  3. How have you developed your products and manufacturing process to build trust?
  4. What ways will you and the Daddy Burt team be innovating to continually build that trust level in the future?
  5. Where do you see the industry heading on the consumer brand side with so many competing companies that may not have an adequate level of trust?
  6. Give a tip for how fellow cannabis entrepreneurs may be able to build the trust levels of their brand.

Bob Estes is the Founder and CEO of Daddy Burt Hemp Co. He was born and raised in Kentucky with deep ties not only to Kentucky but also farming and public service.  His great grandfather, Joe “Daddy Burt’ Burton, was one of the largest hemp farmers in the nation during the 1940s.

Before founding Daddy Burt Hemp Co. in his Great Grandfather’s honor, Bob developed an interest in science and engineering and received a degree in Industrial Engineering, which led him to a career in the nation’s space program.  Bob worked for several aerospace companies supporting space launch for NASA and the Department of Defense. He also explored his entrepreneurial spirit, owning several companies through the years which gave him a strong business foundation.

Bob’s vision for Daddy Burt Hemp Co. began to materialize in 2015 as he began studying the medical benefits and the legal progression of hemp in our country. In 2018, Bob started to formulate a plan to make this vision a reality. He studied best farming practices, various CBD extraction processes and developed proprietary blends for consumer products.

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