BRAVO: More than Just a Tipping App, Now Also Changing the Lives of Musicians

Maria Luna

Maria Luna, Co-Founder of Bravo Tipping Made Easy that is becoming the best alternative to tipping without using cash, with social integrity where gratuity has literally gone digital again joins Enterprise Radio. Maria discusses this technology and ways musicians or other non-profit groups can benefit from BRAVO.

Listen to interview with host Eric Dye & guest Maria Luna discuss the following:

  • With BRAVO not just being for tipping, what are some other uses of BRAVO?
  • You have recently partnered with the Alice Cooper Solid Rock Foundation. What is this Foundation and what is your involvement?
  • How would a musician use the app and how would they benefit most?
  • Do you agree with we are becoming more of a ‘cashless’ society and that the future of the tipping industry as a whole will be digital?
  • As a business owner, you have piloted BRAVO this past year in the Phoenix area and are now going national. Are there any lessons learned or what advice can you provide to those listening on having a successful startup?
  • What are your plans in the next year for where you see BRAVO headed?
  • How can one download the app or get further information on how it works?

Duration: 10:46

Maria Luna, MBA, Co-Founder, and COO

Maria has an MBA from McCombs Business School (UT, Austin) and over 22 years of experience in brand management and new product launches. She has worked for Nabisco in Mexico City, Abbott Pharmaceuticals where she launched in Puerto Rico, Humira, the fastest growing anti-TNF therapy, Bristol Myers Squibb where she directed Marketing for Plavix, the then #1 drug in the local market and later did Business Development for Mayo Clinic before starting her own strategic marketing consulting business, Parla, LLC and now the startup Bravo, LLC.

Maria is a VIP member of the National Association of Professional Women. She is privileged to work as Product and Marketing Manager for Nabisco S.A de C.V. (Mexico City), Ochsner Clinic in LA, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Bristol Myers Squibb in Puerto Rico and for Mayo Clinic before starting my own strategic marketing consulting business, Parla, LLC and now also Bravo, LLC. She has helped several local companies revamp and fine tune operations with subsequent healthy growth of market share. Maria has taken products from concept to launch with successful market penetration. She is fluent in five different languages including English, Spanish, Puerto Rican, Italian and French.

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