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High performance teamwork to deliver business success

Posted: July 25, 2015 at 9:14 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Rooney Nelson

Rooney Nelson, CEO and Founder of The Nelson Group that helps you grow your business, making your team better, successfully launching your initiatives and taking your company and brands to the next level again joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Rooney Nelson discuss the following:

  • Tell us about the Nelson Group and what you do in more detail.
  • You used to work with Viagra and helped launch that product, tell us what you are doing now with Dr. Sal Giorgianni and Viagra.
  • You mention that Viagra created 1.5 million babies, how did you come with those numbers and findings?
  • What’s the impact project? I know that’s something you used when you helped launch the Viagra product to US markets.
  • How does what you did with Viagra and the impact project translate to other items and things where the impact project can be used?
  • If you would, talk about high performance teamwork to deliver business success.
  • Can you talk a bit about the shared economy and the new way of doing things versus the old way of doing things as shown by the impact project and what that means to you.

Duration: 19:02

CEO and Founder Rooney Nelson’s extensive resume includes launching Viagra, the most successful pharmaceutical launch and one of the top global launches ever. He also launched Celebrex in Europe, Asia and Latin America, driving it to become the most successful and largest pain franchise across the globe.

TNG has launched ground breaking and record setting initiatives and campaigns for many of the worlds biggest and most successful companies, brands and individuals using a patented and globally proven suite of launch tools, exclusively developed and used by TNG, known as Penetration Point Marketing.

With Penetration Point Marketing, the first and most important breakthrough the TNG team delivers for their clients is leading them through a comprehensive, iterative and sometimes even fun process to truly identify and commit to their penetration point.  That penetration point is the single most unique, different, tangible and achievable feature or benefit of their product that will revolutionize the market and bring them wild success.  Conversely, failure to identify and focus on it guarantees failure.  Once that critical task is accomplished, TNG then helps their clients to develop proven, easy to measure, actionable strategies and tactics that will make sure that the product’s penetration point is completely compelling to future customers.

Failure happens to 8 or 9 of every 10 products that are launched with generally catastrophic consequences for their teams.  Avoid being the next casualty.  As TNG’s track record has proven, if you really want to succeed in today’s very competitive and challenging marketplace, then simply never, ever, launch anything without them.


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