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Brass Tacks Collective: A School for the Future Advertising Exec

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Keisha Whaley, Founder of Brass Tacks Collective, a first-of-its-kind teaching agency for those seeking to pursue a career in marketing and advertising joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Keisha Whaley discuss the following:

  • Give us some background behind Brass Tacks Collective: the history about its creation, mission and structure.
  • Is there a greater need for marketing and advertising professionals these days? How is the industry changing?
  • How has Brass Tacks grown since its founding?
  • So we hear that you won a WeWork Creator Award. Tell us about that experience – how has competing in that competition and winning that financial award affected your business?
  • What’s your biggest piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs? Or someone with a business idea who doesn’t know what to do next?

Keisha Whaley is the founder of Brass Tacks Collective, a hybrid ad agency in Dallas that offers a year-long, paid advertising apprenticeship delivering quality creative work for organizations with high needs and low budgets. The agency was built to open doors to the community, develop strong job candidates, and help support the growth of local initiatives.

Keisha’s personal passions found their home in this idea in 2009 after graduating from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor’s in Visual Communication. She started work a few weeks later at her dream agency in Dallas only to find that the industry as a whole wasn’t set up to help people as much as she thought. With 1-2 years of experience required for entry-level positions and only small discounts being given for work meant to help a business be seen and grow, it all seemed unfairly out of reach. Spending 5 years at the agency she loved developing a successful intern program, then the next two at a PR firm learning how best to work with nonprofits on a continual basis, she jumped off to bring these two worlds together.

Brass Tacks Collective has grown immensely in the last two years with seven apprentices, 12 professional core team members, and a client roster just over 35, focused heavily in the nonprofit and startup realms. Aside from attempting to change the advertising industry for the better, Keisha’s time is spent critiquing movies with her boyfriend and fighting for space on the bed with her dog.


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