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4 Essentials When Setting Up Your Home Office

Posted: December 20, 2017 at 11:10 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Working from home is becoming a new way of working. Rather than wake up, commute to an office block and sit at a desk until it’s time to commute back home, people are choosing to either start their own at-home business, freelance, or become a remote worker. Of course, remote working or being a freelancer wasn’t always as easy as it is now, and it’s with thanks to technology that’s made all this possible.

When working from home, though, you need to apply the same discipline as you would when working for a company, in an office. Being in your home doesn’t mean you get a free pass. Instead, it means you need to work twice as hard to make yourself both visible and free from distractions. If you’re considering freelancing, or are a remote worker, here are 4 essentials when setting up your home office.

Rid Yourself from Distractions

Setting up a home office means finding a quiet space free from distractions. This means no TV, children or partners, and it means spending time and money to create an area that’s going to drive productivity and efficiencies. You’ll have to decide everything from the paint on the walls to the hardware you’re using. Here’s how to create a distraction-free office.

  1. Select a room and turn it into your office. You may already have a study, and if so, this means you’re halfway there already.
  2. Paint the walls a light, airy color. You want it to be neutral and easy on the eye, but that doesn’t mean your office should be devoid from personality, emotion or possessions.
  3. Do not put a TV into the room. Keep such electronics separate.
  4. If you’re working off a laptop, keep from having a couch in your office, as this can become all too tempting, and can hinder your productivity.
  5. Have a closed-door policy. If your door is closed, then tell your children or partner not to disturb.

Experiment with the Layout

Deciding on your layout may take time, but by perfecting it you can help drive your efficiencies as well as offering a comfortable environment. For example, working by a window can improve your health (thanks to natural light and fresh air from an open window), but could also cause distractions for some. Facing the window, therefore, may not be the best option for many, but by having your back to the window, you can benefit from the natural light without being distracted by the outside.

Get Your Hardware Ready

Working from home means your hardware may need to be updated or cleaned out to maximize space and efficiency. Regardless as to whether you’re working for yourself or for a company, your hardware will need to cope with the demand of office work. For example, if you’re a copywriter, you’ll have to store many research documents and articles which can take up a lot of space which can slow your equipment, so upgrading your desktop or laptop’s memory is essential. By heading to the professionals at, they can upgrade your hardware’s memory, with minimal fuss.

Add Greenery

Bring the outside inside by having a few plants dotted around your office. Succulents and cacti are attractive and rather chic, while fresh flowers can add a splash of color. Whichever plants you choose, though, will benefit you, as they can greatly improve your mood, health and wellbeing.

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