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Best Practices to Foster Inclusive Work Environments that Benefit Business

Laura Brock, Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer at nVent

Laura Brock, the Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer at nVent and ESG People pillar lead where she is responsible for leading Inclusion & Diversity, Employee Resource Groups, the nVent Foundation and nVent in Action joins Enterprise Radio.

Listento hostEric Dye & guest Laura Brock discuss the following:

  1. Could you share with us what nVent does, the mission it’s on and the people and industries it serves?
  2. nVent recently published the 2022 ESG Report – could you share with us what that report entailed in terms of scope, elements of ESG measured and any key insights you’d like to highlight from the report?
  3. Could you discuss the strategic approach nVent takes with Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) that integrates I&D into all aspects of the business?
  4. How has nVent seen its dedication to this approach achieve results across the organization?
  5. How does nVent back up its diversity goals with action plans and measurement?
  6. When you highlighted the four main pillars of who nVent serves, you mentioned the focus on the “people” pillar with employees, could you share some of the “people impacting” results and as well as future goals in the nVent ESG report?
  7. Based on lessons learned over the course of your own career, and your latest work with nVent, what advice do you have for enterprise leaders heading into 2024 to foster inclusive work environments and the benefits to their organizations?

Laura Brock is the Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer at nVent. She joined nVent in October, 2018 and is responsible for leading Inclusion & Diversity, Employee Resource Groups, the nVent Foundation and nVent in Action. Laura brings over 25 years of experience in Inclusion & Diversity having held leading DEI roles at U.S. Bank and Hormel Foods where she was responsible for building the foundation for global strategy, the implementation of Councils, Employee Resource Groups, diversity recruiting and training and development. With almost 20 years at Medtronic, she started her career in legal before moving into the Office of Workplace Inclusion both as a master facilitator as well as a corporate diversity consultant. Laura is the advisory board chair of iBelongHere, a nonprofit organization focused on building diversity and inclusion in the electrical distribution industry. She received her undergraduate degree from Bethel University and holds a Diversity Management Advanced Practitioner degree from Cornell University.

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