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Best Poker Podcasts: A Complete List

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Over the years, podcasts have become popular among the young and old, with plenty available in any niche. When it comes to the best poker podcast options, there are a plethora to choose from. Whether you are looking for poker news, strategy, tournament tips or other info, you can easily find a podcast that suits your needs. Check out a few of the top suggestions below. 

  1. Thinking Poker

This podcast is released on a weekly basis and offers a mix of information, from gameplay strategy to news and lifestyle. Find out about the hottest upcoming events, exclusive interviews with top poker pros and more. Hosted by Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis, this podcast is always interesting and offers something new to discover about the game. On top of their regular content, the hosts also provide insight on poker books, which provides players with even more useful tips for gaming.

  1. Red Chip Poker

For players who want to get to know people in the industry or improve their game, this is the podcast for you. Red Chip Poker offers mini-coaching lessons as well as insight into the names you know in the poker world. The hosts of the show, James Sweeney and Zach Shaw provide high level strategy while also speaking to guest coaches and other individuals. This podcast is a great option for beginner players as well as those who are more advanced in the game of poker.

  1. The Rake

Created by Phil Galfond’s training site, The Rake is a podcast you do not want to miss. Online poker players want to access content from the safest online poker sites and Galfond’s training site is highly reputable. The poker pro helps players get better at the game via tutorials and uses this podcast as a fun way to showcase the game. Marle Cordeiro and Jamie Kerstetter host the show, providing news and poker gossip.

  1. DAT Poker Podcast

Want to learn from the best? Then DAT Poker Podcast is what you need to be listening to. Hosted by Daniel Negreanu, Adam Schwartz and Terrence Chan, the show focuses on discussions of all things poker. News, industry opinions, strategy and more are all covered. This show offers a unique option via voicemail questions. People call in from time to time and ask questions and the hosts provide their insight.

  1. Chasing Poker Greatness

This is considered one of the best poker podcast options due to the content. Hosted by Brad Wilson, the show takes listeners behind the scenes with legendary players of the game. It can take years for a poker pro to go from amateur to star and this podcast shows the skill level involved to be a master of the game. Learn how top players achieved their status and continue to improve their game and take down title after title during events. It’s quite interesting to see how players move forward year after year to improve their gameplay.

  1. Smart Poker Study

The host of this online poker podcast is Sky Matsuhashi. A top poker pro, Sky has 6 WPT bracelets and is known for his cash game play. He is also considered a smart and hard-working poker player. With this podcast, Sky provides information on poker HUDs as well as offers interviews with players and people in the industry. The podcast has well over 250 episodes, which means you have plenty of content to listen to involving the game of poker!

  1. Poker On The Mind

This podcast is hosted by Gareth James and Dr. Tricia Cardner, two coaches from Red Chip Poker. The show offers insight on the mental side of poker as well as strategy. A new episode is offered every other week and provides fresh updates with poker play along with interviews with other players.

  1. Ante Up Magazine

This is one of the oldest podcasts offered online, having started in 2005. Offered by Ante Up Magazine, listeners can tune in to new content or browse the archive. The current hosts of the podcast are Scott Long and Chris Cosenza, both offering interesting and beneficial content to poker players. The podcast offers a wealth of content, from news and lifestyle to big live tournament coverage, strategies and more. Easily find what you are looking for with this podcast.

  1. Just Hands Poker Podcast

With this podcast, the focus is analyzing poker hands. Zach Resnick and Jackson Laskey host the show and focus on breaking down hand histories for serious poker players. Many hands discussed are from live games. There are over 150 shows currently in the database of the podcast, with players easily able to listen in as hands are dissected for better gameplay choices.  

These are just a few of the best poker podcasts you will find online. Think about your goals as a poker player and choose one of these based on your preferences. If you want to learn more about the mental game, choose Poker On The Mind. For a well-rounded option, Ante Up Magazine is a good choice. This list helps you get started with great options for poker content via reputable podcasts. 

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