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BalaFive, Leading the Way in the Anti-Diet Revolution

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Suzi Alter

Suzi Alter, developer of BalaFive, the only weight management program that “changes the hungry brain” joins Entrepreneurial Fit Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Suzi Alter discuss the following:

  • What is BalaFive?
  • How does BalaFive work and what makes it different than other weight loss programs, especially knowing there are thousands of diet programs on the market?
  • With BalaFive, do you really not need to diet or exercise or change your daily habits in order to lose weight?
  • Do you have to use the entire program each month, or can you customize it for maintenance or the result that you want?
  • What kind of results are your customers seeing who are on the program?

Suzi Alter brings to the millions of American who seek long-term weight loss the benefits of her education, experience and enthusiasm for medical science and medical foods.  Her network of physicians and scientists across science-based laboratories nationwide often refer to Suzi as a pioneer in the development of medical foods.

A business professional with a diverse skill set within various disciplines –  including surgical facility management, business development, financial analysis, managed care, reimbursement systems and public speaking – Suzi has built, owned and operated surgery centers ranging in specialty from orthopedic, gynecologic, pain management and ENT to cosmetics. From having worked in the healthcare industry throughout most of her career and with a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Miami, science and health have always been passion areas for Suzi. Her experience, combined with her big picture mentality, innovative spirit and flawless execution of the small details all has led her to create BalaFive™, the revolutionary weight loss and management brand that boasts more than 100 smart products.

What inspired Suzi over a decade ago to create BalaFive was her exposure to the science behind medical foods, and learning that medical foods are made up of GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) ingredients and specifically used for the dietary management of specific diseases. The line of medical foods that most intrigued her treat the underlying nutritional deficiencies of various diseases, such as sleep dysfunction, anxiety, pain and inflammation, cognitive dysfunction and others that are prevalent in the elderly patients.

When applying her scientific mind, she saw how these products could allow patients to reduce the dose of their pharmaceutical prescriptions or eliminate them altogether AND be able to address serious issues, such as cognitive health and obesity. She also learned that medical foods require a physician’s supervision component despite not being classified as drugs, which means they’re also registered with data banks for reimbursement  medical or pharmacy plans. Discovering all this piqued Suzi’s interest so much that she leveraged her relationships in the medical field to introduce medical foods to several large physician management groups and started building a substantial distribution network for these products.

By 2010, Suzi developed a medical food of her own for the dietary management of obesity, given the issues surrounding the increase in obesity statistics. She created a product that would target the reward systems of the brain, so the underlying causal factors for why people eat what they eat, and how much they eat and how their bodies metabolize what they eat, could be addressed. She knew through medical foods she could target multiple pathways and neurotransmitter deficiencies, and develop a comprehensive solution for changing the chemical messaging of the brain that drives people to consume rewarding foods, which in turn can result in obesity.

The medical food she developed is called MedActiv™, which does exactly that and works better than even the prescription drug Belviq (the obesity drug that was released approximately two years ago) and without any of the pharmaceutical side effects. Suzi filed for patent protection on MedActiv prior to the completion of the BalaFive program in 2015.

With the creation of MedActiv, Suzi knew she needed to surround it with other products and formulations that targeted all five of the body’s functional systems that impact weight; and focuses on specific functions relevant to fat cells, or the endocrine system, and how the body recognizes sugar and fats, or the metabolism and how to improve the metabolic rate and keep it humming along no matter what. She knew she had to create functional products that had variety, so people could make choices and not be bored – so they could still eat sweets or salty foods that they craved like chips, cookies and candy. But most importantly, the snacks had to be delicious and rewarding so the brain would still be satisfied and make people want to continue eating them.  Even BalaFive’s tea and shake lines had to be incredibly delicious, while still having the underlying benefits of weight

Today, every product in the BalaFive system is thoughtfully constructed to address the five systems that contribute to daily struggles to maintain a healthy weight. The ingredients used are branded and  backed by clinical trials and studies that are conducted to base its product claims. Knowing everyone’s chemistry is different is why dieting impacts everyone uniquely.  What works for one person is different than what works for
another, which is why most diets fail. To combat this, BalaFive layered the ingredients in each formula to affect multiple mechanisms and pathways which affect all 5 systems.

This is the main reason that the BalaFive program and its individual products are so successful – not just one ingredient with one single target and one single claim comprises any of its products; instead, BalaFive includes multiple ingredients, multiple targets and multiple benefits in every product, whether it’s a tea, shake, snack pack of candy, cookies or its supplements.

What mattered most to Suzi was that there was a purpose to everything she developed no matter what the individual likes or what food choices he/she makes.  BalaFive works because once you change WHAT the brain wants and how MUCH the brain wants, you improve the signals the brain sends out to the other cells in the body on WHAT to do with the food you consume. So no matter the choice you make on the program, every choice
will let you be successful.

BalaFive is a smart program that takes the thinking out of dieting, and frankly takes the dieting out of dieting. It eliminates the need to give up food that you love that isn’t good for you and add in smart foods that target the brain to better balance how you process and metabolize foods. And the science behind these foods oftentimes shows you that you no longer love those foods quite as much as you thought you did.



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