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Back To School Oral Care Tips

Posted: August 23, 2014 at 10:41 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Although it may be disappointing, the days of summer are almost over. That means no more trips to the pool, spur of the moment movies, or afternoon snack parties with all of your children’s neighborhood friends. It also means that you won’t be around your child as often, so you won’t be able to ensure that they are keeping up with their oral care as frequently as possible. Even though this might be the case, have no fear. Instead, here are some tips for ensuring that your child has proper oral care once they head back to school.

Send Your Kids Off With A Dental Kit

Notebooks – check. Pens and pencils – check. Glue – check. While you are out grabbing all of these materials, and whatever else your child’s school expects, be sure to also pick up some extra oral care tools as well. It can be a hassle if you expect your child to take their toothbrush from home with them to school. In the event that they forget it, then this could mean they don’t brush their teeth at night when they come home. Instead, if you have a kit that is dedicated to school, your child can simply leave it in their backpack or locker for easy cleaning during the day.

Once your child has their dental kit, inform them of the importance of using it while at school. Sure, they may not be able to leave class in the middle of a lecture, but they can still brush their teeth after lunch or in-between classes. The more that your child takes care of their teeth while they are on their own, the better they’ll understand the importance of proper oral care.

Packing Healthy Lunches

Giving your child a few bucks for school lunch can be quick and easy, but it isn’t always the best route for great oral care. Instead, they might end up buying sweets and candies at the school store, which is neither good for their teeth or their overall health. Instead, consider packing a wholesome lunch that you know they’ll love. This can include their favorite sandwich, but also an apple or other healthy fruits and vegetables that will help keep their teeth clean and healthy. If you want to also throw in a delicious dessert, that’s okay too. Just make sure that they have their dental kit ready to go for right after they finish up eating.

Being Safe While Playing Sports

Heading back to school also means that your child may be getting ready to start taking part in sports as well. Whether it’s volleyball, football, basketball or anything else, be sure that your child is safe while playing sports. While the obvious safety equipment includes helmets and padding, a mouthguard is incredibly important for maintaining proper oral health. Without a mouthguard, children run the risk of getting their teeth knocked out. If this happens, you’ll need to visit an emergency dentist to try and resolve the situation. A beautiful smile is something that you will want to last a lifetime; so in order to ensure that nothing happens to your child while they are an adolescent that could affect them for years to come, get them a mouthguard to keep their teeth safe.

Make A Dental Appointment

Once school starts it can be difficult to find time off to visit the dentist. Before classes begin, make an appointment with your dentist for a regular cleaning and checkup. Visiting the dentist while a child is young is incredibly important. Not only will it help them avoid dental issues later in life, but it’ll also instill healthy habits that they’ll continue for years to come. And while you are taking your child in for a dental visit, go ahead and make an appointment for yourself to set a good example!

Try To Maintain Habits From Summer

It may be difficult, but try and maintain some habits from summer as well. This may include brushing teeth first thing in the morning and right before bed. The more that these habits are developed in your household, the easier it will be for your child to maintain them throughout the year.

Before you know it, it’ll be fall vacation and your day will once again consist of spending time with your children. But in the mean time, you’ll have to let them go on their way and attend school. If you are concerned about their oral health once they get around their peers, consider these back to school oral tips to promote healthy teeth and gums.

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