Attract More Clients: 7 Tips for Better Networking

Attract More Clients: 7 Tips for Better Networking

I have been to a lot of live networking events and have spent a large amount of time in the social media space. One thing has become very clear to me……many people have simply not been taught how to network.

Since my philosophy is to focus on the solutions instead of the problems, I feel compelled to offer up 7 tips for Better Networking that will help you spark more relationships and attract more clients.

  1. Have a purpose – No, your purpose is not to sell your product/service or beg for a job. Your purpose should be to spark a connection and build relationships. This takes time, and you will need to be seen at more than just one or two events. Put as many events on your schedule that make sense and look at this time as an investment, not only in yourself, but also in helping others.
  2. Less a about you and more about them – I can not stress this tip enough. Do not talk about yourself, always make the conversation about the other person. It is human nature to want to talk about yourself, but remember, you are there to meet people that might not necessarily be looking to meet you. This can easily be spun into your favor by taking interest and listening to what they have to say. Let them do all the talking, show interest, and they will remember you!
  3. Be sincere – I had to put this in so that you better understand tip #2. It does no good to fake it. If you honestly have no interest in what the other person is talking about, politely excuse yourself and move on to the next person. People are smart enough to know when you are being insincere, and it is not worth the risk of harming your reputation or creating resentment.

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