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3 Ways Board Portal Software Helps Health Organizations

Posted: June 17, 2019 at 10:32 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

In this modern technological era, every organization needs to keep their decision-makers connected, but it’s also critical to keep communications secure. This is especially true for groups that deal with highly sensitive information, such as health organizations. Health organizations need to keep their board members connected to each other, but since their directors are also privy to theultra confidential health information of potentially millions of people, their need for security is incredible important.

Modern board portal software is the solution many health organizations across North America prefer. Here are three reasons why.

Increased Connectivity Makes Board Meetings Efficient

Board portal software is the only tool health organizations need to make board meetings dramatically more efficient. This software saves your board directors time by letting them digitally keep and distribute minutes from meetings, monitor attendance, track expenses, and call for votes and signatures. 

All of these tasks can be done without using paper, which means that your communications are always accessible and cannot be lost. This also improves your carbon footprint and saves you from the expense of shipping fees.

The best board portal software offers special features like an automated agenda creator, administrator DIY tools to add or remove directors and committees, and reports to track board activity. Look for board portal software that only comes in one version, rather than software that requires you to buy a special package to get all the features.

Not only does board portal software streamline communication for your directors, it gives them powerful tools to collaborate remotely. Check out to see all the other ways that a board portal can keep your decision-makers connected and how they’re designed to be easy to use right out of the box.

Reliable Security

Board portal software uses layers of advanced security to prevent any data breaches. It also gives admins total power to control access and guarantee compliance. 

In case a company-issued device goes missing or is stolen, board portal data can be wiped remotely. If the director whose device has gone missing needs to access board documents, they can simply log in on any other tablet, desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

Finally, all board portal data should be stored and protected on an international server that adheres to independent, third-party security certification requirements. These steps reassure health organizations that their data is secure.

Personalized Support

While board portal software is designed to be intuitive to use on any device, there may occasionally be a need for support or training. The best software providers deliver personalized support from real people who know your business, 24/7/365.

Ideally, the support staff should not just bemasters of the system, they’re also experienced board administrators themselves. 

Health organizations often have to navigate a complex web of interconnected challenges, from managing their budget, to transparently and securely delivering results that impact the public’s health. Board portal software’s ability to keep directors meaningfully connected has been an important tool for many health organizations, as well as other organizations that face similar challenges.

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