airBux: The Cloud Currency

Neil Joseph, CEO of Mobecom again joins Enterprise Radio to discuss their Cloud Currency Solution airBux, and how it is solving the pain points of loyalty programs for businesses.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Neil Joseph discuss the following:

  1. As CEO of Mobecom can you explain to the audience what airBux is? 
  2. For those who find digital currencies complex, can you breakdown exactly how airBux helps customers?
  3. Companies such as Quicksilver and Outback Jacks in Cairns have been using airBux, how has airBux changed the relationships between businesses and their customers? 
  4. What advice do you give to businesses who are hesitant to adopt cloud or digital currencies as part of their point of sale?
  5. How is airBux paving the way for specialised consumer engagement and digital loyalty? 

Neil Joseph (Bachelor of Commerce, Chartered Management Accountant) is the founder and CEO of Mobecom (previously CSB Engage) and drives the overall business development strategy, together with new product and technology development. He has extensive management, executive, financial and administrative experience spanning a wide range of industries including financial services, manufacturing, mail order, retail and loyalty. Neil completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree and is a qualified Cost and Management Accountant.

Neil is highly respected in the industry and has published a number of articles on loyalty marketing, as well as collaborated on White Papers with the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising.Neil has been passionate about Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty for over 22 years with significant operational experience in mail order, big data and CRM. The airBux platform is the only aggregator and converter of loyalty points across existing schemes into a universal digital currency – to leverage the exponential growth expected in cryptocurrency markets and blockchain technology over the coming years.

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