Advanced technologies such as DNA testing assures compliance and enables secure supply chain best practices

MeiLin Wan of Applied DNA Sciences

MeiLin Wan, Vice President at Applied DNA Sciences, that provides advanced and secure supply chain traceability and product authentication solutions joins Enterprise Radio.

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Listento hostEric Dye & guest MeiLin Wan discuss the following:

  1. What is Applied DNA Sciences known for and how do you help companies around the globe?
  2. Can you tell us more about how the actual process works?
  3. What are some of the global issues happening right now that Applied DNA Sciences can help with?
  4. Can you tell us more about the fast fashion industry and why it is problematic?
  5. What is the key takeaway for businesses and consumers alike?

MeiLin Wan is responsible for providing clients with forensic business solutions for traceability, transparency and trust in textile supply chains. Under the CertainT® platform, a wide range of textile materials such as cotton, leather, down & feather, recycled polyester, as well as sewing thread, printed labels and specialty coatings can be secured and forensically authenticated. Ms. Wan works closely in collaboration with clients to help them develop strategies to preserve the integrity of products, assure quality and enable responsible and sustainable sourcing practices globally. For over 18 years, MeiLin has worked in the bioscientific field transforming the use forensic DNA and nanotechnologies into useful and novel consumer and industrial driven applications. She has a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree with first class honors in Strategic Management from the University of Western Australia. She also was an associate lecturer at University of Utah and University of Toronto.

Applied DNA Sciences

Applied DNA Sciences, headquartered in Stony Brook New York, provides advanced and secure supply chain traceability and product authentication solutions. The award winning CertainT® platform can “Tag-Test-Track” virtually any apparel, footwear or textile product. Court tested with over 140 convictions and 720 sentence years, CertainT provides brands and their supply chain with Traceability, Transparency and Trust. Over 148,000 unique SigNature®-based molecular tags have been made, and provide security, integrity and authenticity.


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