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2023-era strategies in talent retention and recruitment in the legal industry

TJ Henry - Rimon Law Firm

T.J. Henry, the Chief Legal and Growth Officer at Rimon Law, a global law firm. Rimon Law is consistently recognized for its excellence and innovation across its 47 offices spanning 11 countries and five continents. Mr. Henry joins Enterprise Radio to talk about strategies in talent retention and recruitment in the legal industry.

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Listento hostEric Dye & guest T.J. Henry discuss the following:

  1. Can you tell us about Rimon Law and your position at the firm?
  2. How is Rimon Law’s model different from the traditional model of big firms?
  3. How does technology play a part in your firm’s model?
  4. What is the feedback you receive from your attornies?
  5. How has this model helped with talent attraction and retention? Do you have tips for how this model might be applied outside the law industry?

Timothy J. (T.J.) Henry Jr. is a corporate partner and Rimon’s Chief Legal Officer. Henry has spent his career working in legal, financial, and operational capacities, building and leading teams in law and private equity firms. He also maintains a passion for helping businesses and clients drive revenue through commercial legal counsel as well as refined strategy, operations, and M&A activity.

Mr. Henry Jr.’s legal practice focuses on corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and other complex transactional and contractual matters for private equity firms and their portfolio companies as well as startups and other private entities. Henry assists clients at all stages of their lifecycle, from corporate formation and debt/equity fundraising through reorganizations and exits. He also manages the drafting and negotiation of commercial agreements, including vendor and supplier agreements, joint ventures, and a variety of other agreements, from term sheet to conclusion. In addition, Mr. Henry has extensive experience in the sports law industry having worked with sports agents and NFL and NBA teams.

Prior to Rimon, Mr. Henry was Corporate Counsel and the VP of Operations and Business Development for Sterlington PLLC, a private law firm and alternative legal services provider. In addition to his legal practice, Mr. Henry oversaw and managed the sales, marketing, and accounting teams and functions while building and growing Sterlington’s alternative legal services practice. Mr. Henry was instrumental in developing and launching Sterlington’s lateral partner placement program, and advised on operational, financial, strategic, growth, and technology matters of the firm.

Previously, Mr. Henry was the Managing Director and General Counsel for Perkin Industries, a hybrid private equity/family investment office. There, Mr. Henry served as General Counsel/CFO/COO across many of its portfolio companies, including those in public relations, digital media, healthcare, real estate, and consumer goods sectors, among others. At Perkin Industries, Mr. Henry was also in charge of all legal, finance, human resources, and operational components of the firm and led the due diligence, negotiation, and acquisition process on every portfolio company.

Prior to Perkin Industries, Mr. Henry was the Legal and Finance Associate for both the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans. Prior to graduate school was as a Registered Associate for Citi Smith Barney.

Mr. Henry holds a JD in sports law, an MBA in finance, and a BSM in finance and business law, all from Tulane University.


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