A Simple Cheap Way For You Artists To Make It To The Top Feature

A Simple Cheap Way For You Artists To Make It To The Top

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Are you a struggling music artist, just itching your way to somehow make it to the top? And is trying your very best to have a break through, or gain new listeners and fans, but have no idea how to do so? Well one of the best ways to do so is through soundcloud. Soundcloud is an audio streaming website which allows people listen and share music, or any form of audio. One of the best things is that it allows artists to share their own music and add it to the website, so that other people can also listen. It gives them a chance to be discovered. But to do this it requires plays. So, artists will have to purchase plays in order to further their career. But you can buy Soundcloud plays for cheap.

What are soundcloud plays?

If you want to promote your music, the best way to do so is through plays. Plays enable artists to make a break through if they have enough plays. The larger the number of plays they have, the better the chance they have of being discovered. 

A play is counted once the play button has been hit, and if the soundcloud listener is logged into their account their plays will be monitored, and kept count in real time. If they are not logged in then the plays will be updated in the next 24 hours. 

This is good as it keeps count of how much plays are there, even if the user is not logged in. So, it provides music artists a sense of relief as they will not be missing out on the number plays.

Where to buy plays

There are various sites that sell plays for a great price, but usually it is the same all the way around.

A couple of sites that plays can be bought are; 

  • Socioblend.com
  • Coincrack.com
  • Socialframe.com
  • Unlimitedmanic.com
  • Smgains.com
  • Redsocial.net
  • Mediamister.com
  • Buyscplays.com

If you want to buy soundcloud plays for cheap one of the options could be buyscplays.com. They offer various amounts of plays for all sorts of prices. For example, 500 plays it would be $500, or 50000 plays for $20. But there are much cheaper options on socioblend.com like 1000 plays for $2, which is pretty extravagant deal. And is that’s the cheapest you think plays can get? No there are cheaper options like 500 plays for $0.99. Which is even much cheaper than before. It all depends on the promotions that different sites are having, all these sites provide safety and less risk, and the order can be placed within a day or two. But overall the price is determined by the number of plays.

The benefits of buying plays

For music artists starting their careers on soundcloud the best would be to purchase plays. This will benefit them because;

  • It’s a great way to kick-start your work.
  • Give more social credibility as more plays means more attention, therefore you can gain popularity and look strong as well.
  • It will also lead to more attraction from record labels, so there’s a high chance of being discovered.
  • Can lead to increase your fan base, as there will more people who will be discovering your music due to the promotion.

So, if you artists want to make it big, it would be best if your try to gain as much plays as possible. 

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