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A New Way to Shop for Children’s Shoes-Parents Turn to Shoe-Sizing App, Jenzy

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Carolyn Horner and Eve Ackerley, Co-Founders of Jenzy, a shoe sizing and ecommerce app that helps parents purchase properly fitting footwear for young children (ages 0-6) online joins eCommerce Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Carolyn Horner and Eve Ackerley discuss the following:

  1. Tell us about the Jenzy app.
  2. What problem in the marketplace inspired you to launch the company? 
  3. How does Jenzy stand out in the marketplace?
  4. With the closing of many brick-and-mortars, what are some of the advantages retailers will gain when using Jenzy as a distributer?
  5. What does the future of your company look like in the next 5 years?

Tip: We are often asked how we compete with Amazon and Zappos, the two biggest sellers of kids’ shoes. To keep a competitive edge as your company grows, our service revolves around curation and helping parents find not only the perfect fit, but the best shoe for their child’s development. We see ourselves as a “shoe concierge” for parents and offer a highly personalized experience, something that large retailers would be hard pressed to do. In the near future, we’ll leverage our data and predictive analytics to be able to project a customer’s shoe needs before they even remember to go check if their kid’s shoes still fit.

Carolyn Horner is the co-founder of Jenzy, a foot-sizing and e-commerce app that makes it easy for parents to buy perfectly fitting shoes for young kids online. She leads all marketing and operations efforts for the Philly-based startup. A 2014 graduate of Cornell University, Carolyn completed a dual-degree in Government and Asian Studies. She was also a 2-year captain and All-American goalie for the Cornell Varsity Field Hockey team.

Eve Ackerley is the co-founder of Jenzy, a foot-sizing and e-commerce app that makes it easy for parents to buy perfectly fitting shoes for young kids online. She leads Jenzy’s tech team and was named one of Total Retail’s 2018 Game Changers. After graduating from UC Berkeley in 2013, Eve traveled to rural Yunnan, China and taught English at a public elementary school for two years.

About Jenzy: Established in 2016, Jenzy is an early stage technology company that couples highly accurate shoe sizing technology with recommendations for developmentally appropriate children’s shoes.  Through its app, Jenzy makes online shoe buying easy and convenient, and ensures that young children, ages 0-6, get the right fit in the right shoe every time. Jenzy only recommends brands that are developmentally appropriate for children, making it easy for parents to confidently make online shoe purchases they can feel good about.


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