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A Brand Built on American Tradition

Posted: December 13, 2011 at 3:44 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

A Brand Built on American Tradition

Mark Bollman of Ball & Buck

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We’re an all American company—born and bred with red, white, and blue running through our veins. The things that make us American, have always been the things we create. By incorporating the freedom and honor fought for by our forefathers whilse emphasizing American quality over foreign quantity, we’re refocusing on the pride America once had. Through hard work, honesty, & integrity, Ball and Buck is bringing America back to her roots.

Join the movement.


During the American Revolution, George Washington encouraged his troops to use “buck and ball” loads for their muskets. This loading method, that used smaller pellets to make a greater impact on target, inspired those of us here in the birthplace of that revolution. Here in Boston, a new kind of American company has been born. With a revolutionary twist on an American tradition (pun intended), Ball and Buck is a company with an ambitious vision and strong principals. We may be starting small, but we’re fighting for the greater good.

With your help, Ball and Buck will bring America back to the very roots on which she was founded–one garment at a time.


Upon the founding of Ball and Buck, many monumental decisions were made. One of our decisions that we are most proud of was the decision to manufacture all of our garments and other products in the USA. There were a few factors that influenced this decision, and here at Ball and Buck we proudly stand behind them.

Listen to our interview with President & Founder of Ball & Buck Mark Bollman IV discuss the following:

1. What is behind the creation of Ball & Buck and how long have you been in business?

2. Why did you decide to take your brick and mortar location online and create an ecommerce option?

3. In regards to your ecommerce location, I understand you are using Shopify as your platform, what has been your experience and why the choice originally in choosing the Shopify platform?

4. How you are getting your online traffic or getting the word out about your online store?

5. How are you using social media to better your brand?

6. Is there anything you’ve learned since launching that you would have never expected.


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