7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Real estate social media marketing has become an integral part of acquiring more leads, closing more deals, and making more money. Consequently, as a real estate agent, you must be invested in improving your social media presence using the most effective strategies that will keep attracting market attention. Here, we look at seven social media marketing tips for real estate agents.

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1. Keep it professional

The foundation to creating a successful brand on social media as a real estate agent lies in keeping it professional from the beginning. Start by creating business profiles on your favorite social media channels and filling out all the relevant details for an official page that your viewers will instantly trust. Focus on establishing a unique visual identity by getting a professional logo and settling on your brand’s colors, which you will integrate into your posts and Facebook ads for real estate.

2. Know your target audience

One of the critical steps to becoming a successful real estate agent is knowing your target audience and understanding their needs.  This will come in handy when curating social media content and running ads since you can easily curate content that resonates with your focus market and get better leads using geotargeting.

3. Educate your followers

While the essence of embracing social media marketing should be to gain more clients, you must never make the mistake of being a pushy salesman. Times have changed, and the best way to win over a potential customer is by using social media to build thought leadership. The best way to do this is by prioritizing educating your followers by posting content that will arouse the interest of every viewer, such as sharing industry and market insights and home buying tips.

4. Be creative

Social media should never be boring, and you need the right touch of creativity to make your posts fun and engaging. You can use humor, trending hashtags, funny videos, and memes to achieve your goals while being careful not to get political, become controversial, or sound negative.

5. Post consistently

If you are the real estate agent that only posts when you have a new listing, or after a couple of weeks, you will never unleash the true powers of social media marketing. Make the most of these platforms by regularly posting high-value content and using digital storytelling to attain a competitive advantage in your local market.  

6. Leverage customer reviews

Step up your social media marketing by leveraging customer reviews to give more customers confidence in your services and the quality of your offerings. Use those success stories and testimonials to show how invested you are in helping your clients achieve their goals.

7. Use quality photos and videos

A picture is worth ten thousand words in the real estate industry, and you should be invested in making your real estate photography effective. Aim to master the techniques of taking clear and enticing photos and videos to make your posts highly impactful.


Today, successful real estate agents are acquiring most of their leads from social media and using these tips, you can scale up your competitiveness, earn more clients, and grow your business.

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