Pictures Worth 1,001 Words: 6 Tips for Making Your Real Estate Photography More Effective

A potential buyer’s first impression of any home is its online listing. After scrolling through the home details and photographs, a buyer will determine whether a home is worth scheduling a tour for. When the pandemic made it impossible to schedule home showings safely, home photography was the only impression buyers had of the homes that piqued their interest. 

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Now, even as tours can resume, real estate photography remains as essential as ever in marketing homes. Whether your client is trying to make a long-distance move or if they’re simply on the fence about a house, photographs can be the make-or-break element in purchasing a home. If you’re looking to up your real estate photography game, here are six tips to obtain stunning, attention-catching photos for any home listing.

Invest in professional equipment

Part of taking a good photo is ensuring you have the equipment to do so. You don’t necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars on your camera or tripod. A simple point-and-shoot digital camera or even your smartphone can complete the job just fine. However, if you’re planning to be involved with real estate photography long-term, purchasing a DSLR camera, wide-angle lenses, and a versatile tripod can bring a whole new perspective to your photographs.

Ensure every home is photo-ready

Taking photos of messy rooms won’t show off a home’s true potential. So whether you’re taking the photos yourself or hiring a professional, you should always make sure the rooms you’re taking pictures of are decluttered and staged nicely. Clean all surfaces, keep personal trinkets out of sight and make sure the landscaping is neatly trimmed. When staging, keep the furniture and decor simple, and make sure to showcase the room’s best features.

Consider lighting options

Lighting is crucial to take any good photographs, real estate or not. When you’re taking photos in a home, try to maintain consistent lighting across rooms. Decide whether you’re taking pictures with the lights on or if you’re planning to use natural lighting alone. If you’re choosing to take real estate photographs with the lights on, ensure that every lightbulb emits the same light temperature. If the home looks particularly stunning at night, plan to take a few photos after it becomes dark with both exterior and interior lights on.

Edit your photos

If your photographs don’t look as cohesive as you’d like, using an editing program can help you unify otherwise disjointed snapshots. Alter brightness, contrast, and warmth to make the home feel more welcoming. Presets are also an excellent option for those who are unfamiliar with more advanced editing tools. However, be careful not to sacrifice accuracy. If you misrepresent a home, the buyer will be upset when they show up to their showing.

Include 3D home tours

When your clients cannot tour a home in person, they might need more than just a few photographs to stitch together a mental overview of the home’s layout and features. Stay ahead of your real estate competition by including a virtual 3D tour of a property with online listings. Some programs allow you to put together a virtual tour using photos you take with a camera. If you’re looking for a more professional 3D tour, hire a professional to create one.

Hire a professional photographer

Becoming a professional photographer takes years of training and experience. If you don’t feel that you can accurately represent a home with photos you take yourself, don’t hesitate to hire a professional photographer. A pro can operate under strict timelines, and many include photo editing in their services. For picture-perfect results, view any potential hires’ portfolios to understand their style before hiring, and pick someone who can capture your property correctly.

The bottom line

Never underestimate the importance of excellent real estate photography. You may need to sell a home on photos alone, so ensuring you have the best quality photos can be vital in making a quick and easy sale.

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