7 Podcasts Every Pianist Should Listen To

When you are looking for a podcast or two to try (it’s radio for the new age,) you can try podcasts that are just for pianists and musicians (or interesting to pianists.) There are seven of these podcasts listed below, and you will find that listening to them is a good way to keep in touch with the piano world.

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Remember that these podcasts can be good for you whether you’re a casual accompanist in the States or a professional piano teacher in London, and while all of these podcasts are different, listen just once to decide which ones you like the most.

Music Untapped

Music Untapped is hosted by Heather Waid and Chris Langton. They explore music in a fun way, and they give you perspectives on all the different parts of the music world that you might not have heard of. Yes, they’re having a drink while they talk about music, but the loose narrative of this podcast tells you stories about the music world that you cannot hear anywhere else. 

A proper musician will tell you that these stories are the ones you always remember.

Being a Whole Person

Rebecca Hass is a pianist, composer, and creative wellness coach. That is a place that every musician needs to go at some point. When you are listening, you will hear about all the things that help you remain well while being a musician or creative. 

One of the lies of the music world is that music should consume your whole life—that isn’t healthy. Listening to Rebecca talk about being a whole person is not to be missed when you are at the keyboard everyday and working your fingers to the bone. 

VSM: Piano Lessons and Piano Insights

Virtual Sheet Music created an entire “Piano Lessons” video series, and the person behind that series, Robert Estrin, talks about being a pianist, teacher, and student of the instrument. You don’t necessarily need the videos because hearing a practicing pedagogue talk about the instrument is enlightening. Whether you’re figuring out how to practice arpeggios or communicate reading better, this podcast may help.

Best Piano Music

Carlos Márquez talks about the best piano music you can hear. Yes, he will cover the classics (in refreshing ways for those who already know these pieces,) but he will also look into modern or Avant Garde music that is wild, intriguing, and just fun. This is a good way for you to learn something new every week or review a piece you are working on with an expert. 

Piano Lady Tips

The Lady Pianist talks about how to practice your favorite pieces and think through the music that you love. This is a new podcast that is definitely worth your time because you can be at the forefront of her burgeoning audience. You can learn with her, and you might even follow along as she breaks out new pieces. From seasoned teachers to adults learning the piano, you’ll enjoy this show.

From the Top

Think of the From the Top as your Pandora of random piano music. This is a good way for students to simply get indoctrinated into the world of the piano and classical music in general. This is an hour long podcast that you can try just to get some piano music in your ear when you do not know what to choose. It might be a mixture of both talking, young artists, and mature artists, but it is a good way to get inspired and listen to something different that is a “traditional” radio program.

Honorable Mention

Wolf 359

This is NOT a classical music podcast. This is the story of a crew of a space station receiving classical music transmissions from deep space. I can’t give away much more, but I will beg you from the bottom of my heart to listen to it.

Aside from the old music that is sprinkled into most episodes, you will find a beautiful original soundtrack in the background composed by Alan Rodi. As you listen to the show, you can hear how he uses motifs to build the musical world of the show, how the soundtrack expands, and how his music quite literally brings the show to life—all from his piano.

If nothing else, this might inspire you to start writing scores for podcasts, radio, TV, and more. The compositions in the show are beautiful on their own, and they show that you (yes, you!) can be the composer that people fall in love with.  

Try Them All

Because you have so many podcasts to listen to, your hours will be filled with new music, new ideas, and fun techniques. Teachers will love Piano Lady Tips and Music Untapped. Students should definitely try Being a Whole Person, and everyone can try From the Top, Best Piano Music, and the Piano Lessons series. Listen to Wolf 359 for a laugh, if you enjoy science fiction, and to learn that pianos can pull together some of the best pieces of media out there. (That could be you!)

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