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6 Lockdown Beauty Hacks

Posted: January 4, 2021 at 10:15 am / by / comments (0)

You may not be out and about much during a lockdown, but there will still be times when you want to look your best. Whether you have a Zoom session scheduled with your friends or you are planning on FaceTiming with your family, your face is still going to be on display. So, if you find yourself restricted to your home with limited supplies, here are six lockdown beauty hacks that are guaranteed to save the day.

Photo by Shiny Diamond from Pexels

Mist & Moisturize

Indoor air can be extremely drying, and this will be taking its toll on your skin if you have been spending more time indoors than usual. To keep your complexion looking plump and dewy, hydration is key.

Try a regular mist and moisturize routine – a few sprays of a face mist followed up by a layer of moisturizer. You may be tempted to leave your skin bare after misting, but, once that mist evaporates, your skin will end up even drier than usual. The moisturizer will lock that mist into your skin, ensuring that the only place it can go is deep into the layers of your skin that need it the most.

Give Your Hair a Break

Are you guilty of being heavily reliant on your heated styling tools? It’s now time to give your hair a break, especially when it comes to regular use of your blow dryer. Instead, comb your hair through while wet, before applying any product, and then set your locks in the place you want them to be when dry.

If you have an upcoming Zoom meeting planned, then, by all means, reach for your styling tools. However, you will only need to style a few sections around the front, since no one will be able to see the back of your hair anyway!

Try Out Some DIY Face Masks

Homemade face masks are nothing new, but, when you have a limited number of supplies to work with, recipes can be a little trickier to follow. Fortunately, there are so many ingredients out there that you can whip into a face mask, making it easy to use up any leftovers.

Here are a few popular combinations:

Plain yogurt, honey and turmeric powder

Avocado, honey and oats

Olive oil and almonds

Cucumber and aloe vera gel

Each of those ingredients will bring some incredible benefits to your skin. As always, before using a new homemade product on your skin, make sure that you do a patch test first to prevent any negative skin reactions.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you love experimenting with makeup, then make use of all of the extra time you now have to get creative with some new looks. This is the perfect opportunity to advance your makeup application skills, taking your beauty game to the next level – just in time for the end of quarantine.

Contouring and highlighting is something that can always be improved, no matter how flawless your look already is. Various eyeliner styles, from an exaggerated cat eye to a smoky wing, also require time to master, and there are so many unique eyeliner formulas out there that you could try out. Fortunately, many beauty products are still available for home delivery, giving you the tools you need to really work some magic.

Bring the Spa to Your Home

While a DIY home spa won’t be quite as decadent as a traditional med spa equipped with skin rejuvenation systems such as Intracel, it can come surprisingly close! Yes, it takes some effort and advanced planning, but the result will be some indulgent “me-time” that could be a huge boost to your mental health.

Begin by setting the atmosphere – candles, aromatherapy, dim lighting, tasty snacks and soft, calming music can really help with this. You could even treat yourself to a glass of champagne or Prosecco! Choose an area of your home free from distractions and make this as relaxing and comfortable as possible.

Then, gather together your products. Everything from your skin care standards, such as cleansers, exfoliants and face masks, to those other pampering beauty products, be it a manicure set, a hair mask or a foot scrub, can all be brought together for the ultimate at-home spa session.

Start Dry Brushing

The warmer weather is kicking in, and chances are that you will soon have more skin on display, even if this may only be in your backyard. Either way, you want your skin to look its best, which is where dry brushing comes in.

This ancient technique, which involves running a special brush over your skin towards the direction of your heart, beginning at your feet and working your way up, has numerous benefits. It gently exfoliates away dead skin, leaving it softer and brighter, while boosting circulation to give you an all-round healthy glow. This is also a great way to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Dry brushing can seem quite time-consuming after a while, although, in reality, it only takes a minute or two to run the brush over your body before stepping into the shower. However, now that you have some extra time on your hands, give this technique a try to reap its benefits just in time for the end of your self-isolation.

Spending time on your beauty routine while in quarantine can seem a little pointless at first, but this form of self-care can really provide such a boost to your morale. Plus, improving the health of your skin and hair will never hurt, making now the perfect time to focus on this.

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