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5 Things You Should Know Before Heading to the Hair Salon

Posted: July 12, 2018 at 8:08 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

When you go to the hair salon, you expect to be pampered and to look amazing when you leave. Sometimes, though things do not go as planned. This happens for a number of reasons; maybe the stylist is having a bad day, maybe you were left under the dryer for too long, or maybe there is a scheduling mix up. Whatever the reason, it always makes for a bad day when a salon appointment goes awry. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to help ensure you have the best experience possible the next time you head to the salon. Here is a list of five tips to get you ready for your next appointment and to help ensure it is everything you want it to be.

Tip number one, don’t be that woman who goes in and says “do whatever you want” to the stylist. This puts your stylist in a very awkward position and you may end up with a style that you hate. This is not good on you or your stylist, it is simply not possible for another person to know exactly what you want to be done to your hair. Do you prefer your hair long or short? Layers or no? Color, and if yes, what color, what shade of that color? Bangs or no bangs? There are so many ways this could go wrong and it may even put your stylist in a bad mood, fearing that you will not be happy with whatever he or she decides to do. Keep in mind, if you would not choose a strangers life mate for them, do not ask your stylist to do whatever they want to your hair.

This tip should be obvious, don’t be late. It is far better to show up five or even ten minutes early than it is to arrive even a few minutes late. Most salons stay very busy and make appointments for a reason when you show up late, you put them behind for the rest of the day. This means that every customer that stylist has for the rest of that day will be forced to wait longer for their appointment. It also means that the stylist will be late going home, maybe late picking up children. Basically, it is very rude to be late and puts a lot of other peoples day off schedule. This is neither fair nor right. Be early or at the very least, be on time.

Don’t go to the salon with dirty, greasy, tangled hair. If you would not want to touch a strangers hair that appears dirty and tangled, why would your stylist want to? First of all, it is gross and second, it is rude to your stylist. It is always a good idea to keep up your hair hygiene regardless of whether or not you are going to the salon. Wash your hair regularly and keep it combed and detangled as much as possible. We all get in a rush sometimes and do not have the additional time to get a wash in before heading to the salon, but even when that is the case, take a short moment to at least run a comb through your hair. Actually, it is advised to wash your hair the day before your appointment due to some of the processing that has to happen depending on what you are having done. So, don’t worry if you do not get your hair washed right before going, just make sure it has not been a long time.

The fourth tip is very simple, try to avoid Saturday appointments. This is because Saturdays are often one of the busiest days at a salon. Therefore, you will not be afforded as much time and attention from your stylist as you would on other days. The schedule is generally so packed that stylists are often on autopilot trying to get through as many patrons as possible in a short amount of time. Not only is this difficult for the stylist, but also for you. This means that the stylist is most likely frazzled and that could potentially be disastrous for you and your hair. It also means that you may not receive the pampering that you are used to. This is also the day students will be in during school dance season; not the best day for regulars to have an appointment.

This final tip is to help you understand everything that is being done to your hair during your appointment. Know the hair salon lingo. There are certain words and phrases associated with certain styles, certain techniques, and particular color patterns. If you know all of the lingoes, you will know if something is being done that is not what you asked for and you can stop it before it becomes an issue. Here is a list of some of the most common phrases and their meanings.

  • Dusting – This refers to someone who only wants the ends of their hair trimmed and the overall length and style to remain the same.
  • Base Color – This is the main color that is being applied to your hair, the color that will be on all of your hair and will show anywhere that does not have streaks.
  • Blunt Cut – This is a term used for when a stylist cuts across the ends of your hair horizontally, leaving a perfectly straight line.
  • Wispy – This term refers to the texture that the stylist is trying to create in your hair. It often involves the ends of your hair pointing in different directions instead of falling straight.
  • Fring – This is another word for bangs. Specifically bangs that actually lay on top of the forehead rather than off to the side.

These are just a few tips to help make your salon experience as amazing as it should be. If you are in doubt about anything regarding the way you want your haircut, the style you want, or what color would look best on you, don’t hesitate to ask your stylist. As a general rule, your stylist will be more than happy to explain something or help you choose something great. If you happen to live in or near the Montreal area, be sure to check out Montreal Afro Hair Salon.

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