5 Things Highly Successful Businesses Do to Create a Better Workplace

Gavin Altus, Co-Founder and Director at Sentrient, an Australian online learning business that specializes in workplace compliance joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Gavin Altus discuss the following:

  1. I notice that #1 on the list is all about making people feel safe? Please explain?
  2. Now, the second on your list is all about setting and maintaining standards? An oldie but a goodie, and please talk to us about your take on professional standards?
  3. While it might seem obvious to most business owners, I notice that ‘staying on the right side of the law is’ is also up there in your top five? Tell us more about that?
  4. Your fourth on the list is an interesting one, talking about the importance of Human Resources, you make reference to playing HR in offense rather than defense which is an interesting view, please explain?
  5. I quite like your final tip for creating better workplaces, it is all about ‘prevention is better than cure’ with a twist of technology thrown in. Please explain?
  6. You’ve seen a dramatic rise in the uptake of your online learning and workplace compliance services at Sentrient over the past 12-18 months, please talk us about the trends you are seeing in Australia with regard to businesses thriving to create better workplace culture?

Summary/Tip: The next BIG competitive advantage in business is going to be drive by INCLUSION, i.e. creating a workplace that is safe, inclusive and respectful, as TRUST is fast becoming as important as BRAND RECOGNITION!

Gavin Altus is Co-Founder and Director at Sentrient, an Australian online learning business business that specialize in workplace compliance. At Sentrient we make it easy for small and medium businesses and larger organisations to do the right thing and protect their people and their business from the ever-increasing cost associated with breaches in safety, invasion of privacy and workplace incidents such as bullying, harassment and discrimination. By doing so, we help create a high trust organisation and that is where life starts to get better for everyone!


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